Program – Artistic 24-Hour Urantiathon

Inspirations of the Urantia Revelation — Beauty, Art, Music, and Expressions of the Soul

7 August, 2021

Below is the Program for the exciting 24-hour Artistic Urantiathon. Note that the times are stated in 4 columns for these major cities around the world:

Bogotá: Friday 7:00 pm to Saturday 7:00 PM
New York: Friday 8:00 pm to Saturday 8:00 pm
Paris: Saturday 2:00 am to Sunday 2:00 am
Sydney: Saturday 10:00 am to Sunday 10:00 am

If you are not in any of these time zones please work out your own times with a world clock. (Remember that New York and Paris are on daylight savings. Bogota and Sydney are not.)

Some of these presentations will be available in the 3 languages of English (ENG), Spanish (ESP) and Portuguese (PT) through simultaneous translation as indicated on the program. The ones marked with just (ENG) will only be available in English.

BogotaNew YorkParisSydneyArtistDescription & Language
Fri to SatFri to SatSat to SunSat to Sun
7:00pm8:00pm2:00am10:00amMCOpening (ENG, ESP, PT)
7:10pm8:10pm2:10am10:00amMo Siegel & Jim English (USA)The Purpose, Creation, & Paintings in the Untold Story of Jesus (ENG, ESP, PT)
7:50pm8:50pm2:50am10:50amDenver Pearson (Costa Rica)YouTube Videos (ENG)
8:00pm9:00pm3:00am11:00amChris Birkett (Canada)Universal Language of Music for Humanity (ENG)
8:40pm9:40pm3:40am11:40amPatrick Yesh (Canada)Visual Art Live Part 1 (ENG)
9:00pm10:00pm4:00am12:00pmErrol Strider (USA)High Mission of Art & Comedy (ENG)
10:00pm11:00pm5:00am1:00pmAl Lockett (USA)My Path My Journey: Music & Message (ENG)
11:00pm12:00am6:00am2:00pmGary Tonge (Canada)Creatively Representing the Revelation (ENG)
12:00am1:00am7:00am3:00pmEric Anthony Hinds (USA)Reflection of Journey and Revelations – a Visual Expression (ENG)
12:30am1:30am7:30am3:30pmJames Woodward (USA)J. Woody Music (ENG)
1:00am2:00am8:00am4:00pmIone Angeles (USA)Urantia Based Reggae Music (ENG)
1:35am2:35am8:35am4:35pmPartrick Yesh (Canada)Visual Art Live Part 2 (ENG)
2:00am3:00am9:00am5:00pmZabriel Zadravetz (USA)Video Creator (ENG)
3:00am4:00am10:00am6:00pmGordon Taylor (Australia)Music & Songs of Inner Discovery (ENG)
4:00am5:00am11:00am7:00pmTrevor & Kathleen Swadling (Australia)Original Songs Inspired by Urantia Teachings (ENG)
5:00am6:00am12:00pm8:00pmGenika & Tanya Murray (UK)The Gift of Creation (ENG)
5:45am6:45am12:45pm8:45pmKwadjo Spiri (Ghana)Pre-recorded Videos (ENG)
6:10am7:10am1:10pm9:10pmAlexander Hehlert (Germany)Pre-recorded Videos (ENG)
6:30am7:30am1:30pm9:30pmJeannie Vazquez (Uruguay)Worshipful Communion with God (ESP, ENG, PT)
7:30am8:30am2:30pm10:30pmOlga Lopez (Spain)Urantia Teachings Through Fiction (ESP, ENG, PT)
8:30am9:30am3:30pm11:30pmLatinamerican Artisans Mix (Latin America)Performing Arts (ESP, ENG, PT)
11:30am12:30pm6:30pm2:30amRamiro Jarkyn (Mexico)Almuerzo Musical (ESP, ENG, PT)
12:00pm1:00pm7:00pm3:00amDipti Bhakti (Argentina)Prayer & Worship – a Guided Practice (ESP, ENG, PT)
1:00pm2:00pm8:00pm4:00amAntoinette Rootsdawtah (USA)Urantian Music (ENG, ESP, PT)
1:40pm2:40pm8:40pm4:40amBob Solone (USA)Prayer – a Musical Composition (ENG, ESP, PT)
2:20pm3:20pm9:20pm5:20amCristina Seaborn (USA)Spirit of Wisdom (ENG, ESP, PT)
3:00pm4:00pm10:00pm6:00amPato Banton (USA)Urantian Music (ENG, ESP, PT)
4:00pm5:00pm11:00pm7:00amRichard Warren (USA)Dissemination by Urantia-based Novels (ENG, ESP, PT)
5:00pm6:00pm12:00am8:00amRebecca Oswald (USA)Solo Piano Pieces Inspired by The Urantia Book (ENG, ESP, PT)
6:00pm7:00pm1:00am9:00amSandy & Jinjee Garrick (Canada)Acoustic Urantia Music (ENG, ESP, PT)
6:45pm7:45pm1:45am9:45amChris & Antonio (USA & Netherlands)Contemplative Arts (ENG, ESP, PT)

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