Annual Retreat for UK and Ireland 2019

Being About the Father’s Business

6—8 September 2019

Once again it’s time to invite you to the annual summer retreat of British readers of The Urantia Book—a chance to relax for a weekend in congenial company and beautiful surroundings with fellow truth seekers. This is the first gathering held by our new British-Irish organization: Urantia Association of Great Britain & Ireland (UAGBI).

We welcome our members as well as other students of the revelation both at home and abroad to this annual event.

The location of our meeting this year is at the beautiful Belsey Bridge Conference Centre in Bungay, Suffolk, in the east of England. Full board and accommodation are offered.

About the Theme

Do not entertain the idea that, since the Universal Father has delegated so much of himself and his power to others, he is a silent or inactive member of the Deity partnership. Aside from the personality domains and Adjuster bestowal, he is apparently the least active of the Paradise Deities, in that he allows his Deity co-ordinates, his Sons, and numerous created intelligences to perform so much in the carrying out of his eternal purpose. He is the silent member of the creative trio only in that he never does aught which any of his co-ordinate or subordinate associates can do. [Paper 32:4.1, page 362.5]

Jesus too was a greater delegator. He fashioned a team of apostles of different talents, backgrounds and spiritual capacities, allowing them to organise themselves and to make their own unique contribution. How are you going about the Father’s business?

The program is to start you thinking about your contribution; we are always looking for people to contribute to as well as participate in the Annual Retreat. This does not necessarily mean a formal presentation. It could be:

  • Leading the study of text from the book
  • Getting people to consider questions that have arisen from your study
  • Sharing your experience of being about the Father’s business and other service activities.

We hope you will add to the fragrance of our weekend with your presence. The venue people are asking us to provide a deposit by the end of May, so please note the date for sending us an indication of your commitment to attend.

If you would like to give a presentation at the retreat (click the “read more” button below for the draft program) or if you have any other questions about transport and directions, please get in touch via email with either:

Chris Moseley or Ade Awoyinka

Read More for the Flyer with more details on the program and registration.