International Service Board (ISB)

Members of the International Service Boards are elected by a vote of the Representative Council (RC). They may serve up to two consecutive four-year terms.

ISB positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Communications Chair, Education Chair, Translation Chair, Conference Chair, Dissemination Chair, and Study Groups Chair.

The officers and committees of the ISB and the Executive Administrator plan, coordinate, and carry out the activities of Urantia Association that are international in scope and have been authorized by the Representative Council. They also serve as an information resource for the Constituent Associations by compiling and sharing information and experience of other associations.

A Continental Coordinator program was established to achieve heightened focus on the Association’s mission to foster study and dissemination of the Urantia Book’s teachings on each continent where we have associations, and to foster inter-organizational unity, communication and collaboration, cross-cultural relationships, and exchange of ideas and information. Coordinators attend the ISB meeting but as they are not elected have no voting rights.

ISB Personnel

These are the current members of the ISB and their positions:


Standing Committees

Continental Coordinators

Executive Administrator – Margaret Slater-Thompson

Committee Functions


The Dissemination Committee coordinates the international efforts of Urantia Association to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book and to provide information about the book and The Association. This committee gathers information and methods of dissemination from the grassroots membership of The Association. This information is shared with other associations, and is used to create, coordinate and facilitate effective overall dissemination strategies that fill the needs of members working in the field to achieve the long-term goals of Urantia Association.

Study Groups

The Study Group Committee fosters the formation and maintenance of study groups for readers of The Urantia Book worldwide and supports national and local study groups by promoting communication and sharing of methods, ideas, and experiences. It assists readers in finding existing groups and those wishing to create a new group. This committee also gathers information about successful groups which are shared in newsletters, publications and Urantia Association’s Study Group Guide. The committee functions as a resource to study groups while preserving and respecting the autonomy of all groups.


The Education Committee fosters the study of The Urantia Book and facilitates the development of teachers and leaders dedicated to the dissemination of its teachings. Educational materials are created, gathered, and shared to encourage, inspire, and guide students in the study of the book and to develop inherent teaching and leadership skills. This committee oversees international educational programs, reviews study aids and educational materials, provides articles and materials for the website and publications, and maintains an educational resource directory.


The Communications Committee oversees Urantia Association’s international communication channels and community relations as they relate to the associations and members, the general community of readers of The Urantia Book, the media, and the public. To sustain and nurture The Association’s development, this committee publishes international newsletters and journals in multiple languages, a variety of study aids, brochures, and guides, and develops and maintains The Association’s website. It collects and shares information relating to activities and programs of associations and works to develop information resources to communicate with the general public.


The Conference Committee oversees and coordinates international conferences of Urantia Association and assists associations with their regional conferences by promoting their events and making available resource information to help guide them in the planning and organizing process. This committee works to maximize opportunities for the development of teachers and leaders during The Association’s conferences. It also maintains an international Urantia Association conference calendar and acts as an information conduit to share conference ideas and experiences.


The Membership Committee assists in the development of new associations of Urantia Association and serves as an information resource for constituent associations regarding membership issues. When readers in a country or region desire to become a part of Urantia Association by forming an association, the Membership Committee provides advice and support in the process of the coordination, development, and chartering of the new association.


The Translation Committee provides translation services to the Central Administration in order to facilitate communication among members and to make Urantia Association’s resources available to members speaking various languages. Translations are provided to the Representative Council (RC) which does business through email, to the international publications, and to The Association’s website. Translation services are also provided at Urantia Association’s international conferences.

Continental Coordinators

The Continental Coordinators serve in two ways; as the representatives of the Central Administration to the associations, and as the liaisons between their region’s associations. The Continental Coordinators’ core tasks are to promote cooperation, communication, projects and activities that help the associations to spread the teachings of The Urantia Book and to bring Urantia students together for comradery and service.