Book Fair Policy

Urantia Association and its constituent local and national associations, or its members-at-large, may participate in or support any book fair or similar book sale or distribution event that is open to the general public. With regard to trade events intended for book publishers and distributors only, Urantia Association may participate when invited by Urantia Foundation to assist in such an event.

Urantia Association may consider supporting the efforts of Association local and national associations or individual readers of The Urantia Book that wish to participate in public book fairs or book displays as a way of introducing the book to new readers. Urantia Association may choose to assist with books or funding of other expenses for such events not to exceed 50% of the total expenses incurred by the local or national association or individual for the event. The local or national association or the individual participating in the event is expected to meet the initial 50% of such expenses.

Requests for books or funding for these types of events must be made in writing to Urantia Association Central Office and approved by the Dissemination Committee in compliance with the Association’s Dissemination Committee budget prior to incurring expenses for which the request is made. A decision from the Dissemination Committee should be made within 30 days of receiving such requests.