2011 Leadership Symposium

This event brought over 150 leaders and servants of the revelation from 25 countries around the globe to join together in an exploration of leadership.

Building Community—One Study Group at a Time

The Urantia revelation grows and spreads best when it is cultivated in an environment of  study, loving-service and spiritual living. Urantia Book study groups are the bedrock on which the revelation will stand as the world evolves in readiness for the teachings in The Urantia Book.

The worldwide community of students of The Urantia Book, current and future study groups, and our national and local associations, all benefit from the service of strong leaders. The revelation needs “effective and wise leadership” to help foster the social and spiritual co-operation needed to build a strong foundation for the revelation.

“Ten men are of little more value than one in lifting a great load unless they lift together—all at the same moment. And such teamwork—social co-operation—is dependent on leadership.” [Paper 81, page 911:2]

Plenary Presentations

Leadership and Sanctity of Service by Rick Lyon

Our Mission by Gaetan Charland

A History of the Contact Commission and the Forum by Carolyn Kendell

The Urantia Book – The Early Years by Barbara Newsom

Patterns in Epochal Revelation by Jeffrey Wattles

40 Years of Study Group Experiences by Linda Busilli

Cosmic Leadership by Phil Taylor

The Art of Self Mastery by Sheila Keene-Lund

Leadership, God and Me by Line St. Pierre

Expanding Leaders and Teachers by Tonia Baney

Creating Leadership Opportunities for Study Group Members by Norman Laperle

Finding and Fostering the Next Generation of Spiritual Leaders by Arnie Ondis

Roles of the Organization in Augmenting Study Groups by Betty Lou Wallace