2011 Leadership Symposium

This event brought over 150 leaders and servants of the revelation from 25 countries around the globe to join together in an exploration of leadership. Building Community—One Study Group at a Time The Urantia revelation grows and spreads best when it is cultivated in an environment of  study, loving-service and spiritual living. Urantia Book study groups are … read more of 2011 Leadership Symposium.

Expanding Leaders and Teachers

So you want to be a leader? How about a teacher? Well, they are mostly the same; a lot of work. Work that is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling, but it is difficult at the best of times. This is well known to me as I was part of a group who was asked to build … read more of Expanding Leaders and Teachers.

Roles of the Organization in Augmenting Study Groups

This afternoon your group will explore what works and what doesn’t work when contacting readers, augmenting study groups and organizing conferences and other gatherings. You will ask why the organizations exist? How can an organization be of service to the students of The Urantia Book and to the generations following us? On Day One we heard from the Revelators … read more of Roles of the Organization in Augmenting Study Groups.

Creating Leadership Opportunities for Study Group Members

I would like to tell you what was done in our local association, the Urantia Association of Quebec, with study groups and leadership in mind. I’d like to start by saying that the values underlying the actions of our Association are the spirit of “service”, “love” and “brotherhood.” Membership in our Association is voluntary and it provides … read more of Creating Leadership Opportunities for Study Group Members.

The Art of Self Mastery

True leadership is the art of self-mastery. We all have some understanding of what self-mastery is. A broad definition is the process of mastering and developing the human and spiritual natures. It is a process that involves self-awareness, self understanding, and self-control. We all engage in self-mastery for different reasons, some because they want a … read more of The Art of Self Mastery.

Leadership, God and me

What unites us this week, is the love we have for God and our willingness to learn to become better leaders of the Revelation. It is in God’s honour that I am standing here and all my gratitude goes towards him for being with you, sharing and learning for the next few days. “The purpose … read more of Leadership, God and me.

Our Mission

One of the most challenging and important aspects of The Urantia Book is its mission to this world. In the foreword of the book, the revelators express part of it by this quote “In our endeavour to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception”. To accomplish this complex task the revelators gave us The Urantia … read more of Our Mission.

A History of the Contact Commission and Forum

The story begins on October 1, 1922, Chicago’s traditional moving day. The weather was seventy degrees and fair. After 25 years of moving from one apartment to another, a middle-aged physician couple and their teenage son finally settled into a permanent house at 533 Diversey Parkway. The new house would also serve as their office. … read more of A History of the Contact Commission and Forum.

Cosmic Leadership

The challenge that I have before you today is to offer some insight into leadership for our mission of developing study groups and sharing this great revelation of God and his universe. I think we are all paused by the realization that leadership is difficult to teach. Leadership is something that depends on experience and … read more of Cosmic Leadership.

40 Years of Study Group Experiences

My husband Bob and I were first introduced to The Urantia Book here in Chicago exactly 40 years ago this month. Since then we have lived in 5 states and have attended and/or started study groups in every one of them. I am going to try to describe some of our experiences and something of … read more of 40 Years of Study Group Experiences.

Patterns in Epochal Revelation

Why should we look to previous epochal revelations for lessons to apply today? There are patterns, patterns of success and patterns of error. After Jesus’ baptism, he spent forty days in the wilderness making the great decisions that would formulate policy for the unfolding of his epochal revelation. In preparation for that decision-making, “Jesus thought … read more of Patterns in Epochal Revelation.

Leadership and the Sanctity of Service

God has brought you here this week for a reason. It’s important for you to be here because what we are doing is important—I believe that this revelation is the single most important project on this planet today. While we do care that our brothers and sisters have enough to eat, good medical care, and … read more of Leadership and the Sanctity of Service.

What Does it Mean to be a Leader?

You are a leader.  Most of us will react to this title by claiming, “I am not a leader,” but a leader is someone that makes decisions, takes action, and can motivate somebody to do something. Few of us make it through the first minute of the day without doing all that. You lead the … read more of What Does it Mean to be a Leader?.