Three Summer Exhibitions in Ukraine

Anton MiroshnichenkoThis summer readers presented The Urantia Book at the following three events that were held in the Ukraine:

The “Country of Dreams” Festival

This festival was held in Kiev at the Country Museum “Pyrogovo” on 20 to 21 June. We presented the Russian and English versions of
The Urantia Book at the literary festival site there. Many visitors passed our table and received a brochure with general information about the book. They could also treat themselves to candy and pull out a special quotation from The Urantia Book. People who were interested in the book stopped at our table to talk and ask questions. We were very pleased to introduce the book to festival goers and we hope that some of them who received information will become readers in the future. Overall we were left with a good impression of the event.

Ukraine Expo

The “Green Wave” Book Exhibition in Odessa

This event was held from 6 to 9 August and The Urantia Book display was organized by members of Urantia Association of Ukraine. Alexander and Nicholas presented The Urantia Book to visitors.

Ukraine Expo2Readers of The Urantia Book in Odessa took part in this exhibition for the second time. We prepared posters, brochures and business cards and we sold eight Urantia Books. Alexander also introduced to visitors “The Prophecies of Christ in the Dead Sea Scrolls,” by Archpriest Dimitry Yurevich, which he used for drawing parallels to The Urantia Book in terms of the history of religious thought from the pre-Christian era. Some people were surprised to learn that the entire text of the book is available for free on the Internet. They happily took business cards and brochures with the address of the site.

The most common question asked at the exhibition was “What is The Urantia Book?” In general, people interested in books were surprised by the amount of themes and content of the book.

Reflections in Russian about our experience at this exhibition can be found at the Russian-language forum of The Urantia Book:

The Forum of Publishers in Lviv

An annual Forum of Book Publishers was held in Lviv from 10 to 13 September. Urantia Association of Ukraine also took part in this exhibition.

Ukraine Expo3Our tent was located on the central street of Lviv, Liberty Avenue, near the Opera House. During the four days of the Book Forum we spoke with many people. In general, people interested in the book were well-educated and well versed in philosophical and spiritual literature.

Several books were sold and people were able to receive a brochure about the book as well as selected quotes. They asked many questions and a number of people left their contact details so we could send them a free copy of The Urantia Book in PDF format.