Senegal Urantia Association

The Progressive Divine Wisdom Group around its founder in 1986

Senegal was chartered as a National Association of Urantia Association International in 2001 under the name of “Senegalese Association of Research and Studies.” During the course of 2021, we carried out activities in relation to the teachings of The Urantia Book in the form of the “Progressive Divine Wisdom Group” (PDWG).

Our approach consists in establishing a progressive program of personal assimilation of the concepts of The Urantia Book. This program is structured in the form of instruction by sharing experiences and spiritual activities through a Progressive Divine Wisdom education. It is intended for readers of The Urantia Book and for all seekers of Truth and God, whatever their journey.


Our process is initiated and supervised by truth seekers, students of The Urantia Book who have accumulated more than forty years of study with their spiritual educator in Senegal. These researchers then gained experience by sharing these truths, first in Dakar, Senegal, with several hundred truth seekers from 1973 to 2000, then with more than thirty readers from Europe, Canada, and America from 2000 to 2018.

The aim is, first of all, to provide a framework for the clarification and personal assimilation of the concepts of The Urantia Book, in a living, gradual and transmissible form, to any seeker of truth. The ultimate goal is to help those who want to become future educators of the teachings.

PDWG Founder’s International Activities 2000-2010

From 2000 to 2010, Moussa Ndiaye, Founder of the PDWG initiated several training sessions in Canada and France following the spirit and method of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group. Senegalese members who have benefited from this method for many years have also gained experience by participating in events organized by the Urantia movement in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. The PDWG subsequently involved readers of The Urantia Book, who had a long experience in studying the book and who had stayed several times in Dakar.

Activities in 2021

Moustapha Ndiaye
Moustapha Ndiaye

During 2021, the activities of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group (after the 2020 Group) were as follows:

  • Annual continuous training, by Zoom meetings, and in progress, of 30 people of 13 different nationalities, spread over three continents.
  • Creation of a weekly meeting group every Friday by Zoom for in-depth discussions and sharing and Q&A sessions (Europe and Canada Group held 49 meetings in 2021).
  • Creation of a group of meetings every Saturday by Zoom for deepenings, sharing sessions, and questions and answers (Groupe Afrique francophone created on September 11, 2021 and held 19 sharing meetings in 2021).
  • Creation of a Group on 26 September 2021, meeting once every three weeks, by Zoom, on Sunday with readers from Haiti (Groupe Haiti) for  Q&A sessions with four meetings held in 2021.


The Progressive Divine Wisdom Group, composed initially of five educators each with more than forty years of study and training in the teachings of The Urantia Book, has also begun the construction of an online French Internet School, to organize, structure, and better administer the training.

At the same time, the PDWG has taken initiatives to extend the method to a larger number of Francophone countries and eventually to Anglophone readers. The PDWG relies on the multifaceted support and active participation of all readers who agree with this approach, to continue the work of expanding Spiritual Education in relation to the fifth revelation, and according to the indications of the Master Son and his spirit, as bestowed upon all flesh.