Managing Your Model

I feel like sharing a concept heard from a Sunday school teacher about 30 years ago. Not recalling the topic, I do remember the concept—people develop a personal model of life and relationships, including religion, financial management, child rearing, jobs, free time, food, sex, well… everything. Many live according to what parents and grandparents modeled and according to what is perceived as community normal. This model contains the acceptances, decisions, priorities, and motives that drive everyday life. The teacher asked us to think about what we would do if something comes along that doesn’t fit our model. He said there are only two choices: 1) accept it, which is a revision, or 2) reject it and leave the model unchanged.

True, we can delay a decision, which doesn’t change the model, but the choice may bother a person until a decision is rendered. And perhaps many years are needed to move on a decision.

Urantia Book authors affirm we cannot sit on the fence. We must accept or reject God. Further, we cannot sit still; the whole cosmos is action oriented, not static. Jesus desires personal progress, which if you consider its implications, could be multiplied throughout humanity and could, therefore, improve the entire planet. He has a plan in mind! The entire universe is one big university dedicated to progress.

Jesus presented a substantial multi-challenge to the Jewish authorities because his teachings did not fit their model. They had been taught for centuries that they were special, and a Messiah would rescue them from foreign domination. They wanted a materialistic ruler to fit their perceived model of world rule, but they could not fit Jesus’ teachings into this model.

So, for us today, is The Urantia Book a grand attempt to help humanity revise its models? I believe it is. We need progress! Those who listen carefully to the authors and discern their meanings are those likely to progress. We will comprehend what Jesus wants for us, either here or after graduating to the next life! God’s will shall prevail.

We could revise our personal models and join his growing team as best as we can, and in the most loving and patient manner with our fellows! Some of those who may be close to us will not be progressive, perhaps not to our liking, but that factor is not justification to halt our personal progress. Personal religious growth is available to anyone regardless of all other relationships. I wish you well in your eternal journey!