Journal Editorial November 2017

Greetings fellow readers. This year brings changes to our Journal format, which is now an online publication and will be produced twice a year, with an occasional Special Issue containing articles and presentations from the many outstanding conferences around the world.

This issue focuses on time and space, distance and destiny. Our first “out of this world” contribution is from Nigel Nunn, Australia, and is an enormously thrilling and informative ride through Massive Orvonton. Utilizing star maps and a coloss-odometer, Nigel gives us a whole new understanding of star travel from a “You are here and it will take you this many light years to get there perspective.” Since it’s 250,000 light years from the outskirts (near Nebadon) to Uversa, and since Uversa is centrally located, should we assume that Orvonton extends (more or less) a similar distance on the opposite side? If so, then this implies a ‘length’ for Orvonton on the order of 400,000 to 500,000 light years. And if this isn’t enough to gravita you, Nigel’s dance with the divisions of matter will spin you around at Force Organizer speeds and give you a new perspective: If we were Force Organizers looking down onto Orvonton (from above), what would we see? Since each major sector has its own center of rotation” [Paper 15:3.12], and all ten “are in orbit about Uversa” [Paper 15:3.13], I imagine we’d see something like ten electromagnetically bright spirals of gravita, embedded in ten whirlpools of electromagnetically dark ultimata:” Stellar article, Nigel!

Our next article Animating the Human Mind with Cosmic Software, is from Julian McGarry, Tasmania, Australia. Julian gives us a succinct review of the understanding he gained from Nigel’s article and its correlation to the seven adjutants, Thought Adjusters and the Spirit of Truth. “As children of the information age, the world of computers offers us many metaphors that can help us grasp the processes of this mind arena of choice. [Paper 116:3.2] I kind of see the human brain as being the ‘hardware’ that the Life Carriers laboured for millions of years to develop. For any hardware to work, it must be capable of detecting, receiving, and processing the ‘software’ that animates it. In our case, that software begins as a fundamental operating system… the seven adjutants… circuits radiating a level of consciousness from the Divine Minister throughout the local universe, animating biochemical hardware that is capable of responding to their rhythmic pulsations. [Paper 36:5.5] Without a properly functioning operating system, a computer is not capable of performing the higher functions encoded within more sophisticated software. Likewise, we would not be able to make superior moral choices and participate in the worship of our heavenly Father… building a soul… were it not for the potential created by the mind circuits of our local universe Mother Spirit.” Thanks Julian, keep me posted on the beta version, I’m in!

Next is a trilogy of space and time and creation from Stuart Kerr III, whose extensive library of essays are enlightening while his graphics are dimensionally illuminating. Up first is The Supremacy of the Grand Universe. In the current grand universe age of the evolving Supreme Being, the seven superuniverses of time and space are kept in isolation from one another in order to maximize their diverse potentials for growth. Each superuniverse reflects a different portraiture of various combinations of the three personal Deities of the Paradise Trinity as these are influenced under the immediate supervision of one of Seven Master Spirits.”

In following the order of Creation, next is The Ultimacy of the Master Universe: “Just as God the Supreme is both spiritually and personally present in Havona, God the Ultimate is also present in Havona in an absonite (superfinite) and superpersonal sense. Whereas God the Supreme is exerting a spiritual influence on the time-space creation of the grand universe, God the Ultimate effects his influence in transcendence of time and space to the outer borders, the four outer space levels of the master universe. In the same sense that the emergence of the Supreme Being is the culmination of all evolutionary-experiential reality, the Ultimate is the fulfilment of all transcendental-eventuating reality. God the Ultimate is power-superpersonalizing throughout the master universe.”

The Absoluteness of the Cosmos Infinite emerges to complete the trilogy of the evolving personality of God. “God the Absolute transcends even the superpersonal values and divinity meanings made manifest by God the Ultimate. God the Absolute is the final expression of experiential Deity. The emergence of God the Absolute would signify the full depletion of personalizable Deity expression and self-realization. It would likely imply the experiential uniting of the existential Deity Absolute with the existential Unqualified Absolute.”

I have also included the epilogue on Stuart’s trilogy The Circle of Eternity. Mortal ascenders will eventually learn to transcend their limited perspective of finite time-space existence; they will begin to assimilate their experiences more holistically. The distinction of time-conditioned succession of events will begin to dissipate and such an ascender will begin to intuit a sense of the “eternal now” moment. Past, present, and future begin to be seen together in unity and events “will be viewed as a whole and perfectly related cycle; in this way will circular simultaneity increasingly displace the onetime consciousness of the linear sequence of events.” [Paper 130:7:6] Ascenders are becoming a part of the progressive procession of eternity, “swinging on forever with the worlds of space around the circle of the eternal ages.” [Paper 32:5:4] When ascending mortals achieve spiritual perfection and can claim final residence on Paradise, they will “partake of the ‘essence of divinity’ and the ‘spirit of supremacy’ and thus really begin to function in the circle of eternity and in the presence of the Trinity.” [Paper 26:7:4]

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Happy and enlightened reading!
Suzanne M. Kelly
Journal Editor