Graduation of Eddie King

Long-time student of The Urantia Book and dedicated member and volunteer of Urantia Association International, Eddie King passed away on 13th February, 2019 after a battle with health problems. Eddie follows his wife and long-life friend and soul-mate, Joanne who passed away last August.

Eddie and his Urantia colleagues in the Southern Kindred Spirits in Nashville were among the first to form a Local Association of Urantia Association International. They hosted the first three international conferences of the Association in Nashville from 1994 to 1996. Eddie also served as the first Conference Committee Chair of the International Service Board (ISB).

Eddie will be sorely missed by his family and close friends. To quote his granddaughter, “There are a million kind and wonderful things I could say about my grandpa, but mostly I’m just incredibly sad that I don’t get to hear his voice, such a memorable one, or be the recipient of his superior hugs. To lose someone who is so foundational to you, who helped to build you into the person that you are, is a kind of loss that permeates through everything. I’m so lucky that he was my grandpa and that I get to benefit from his wisdom, his ways of thinking, his love, for the rest of my life. I’m choosing to believe that he didn’t want to miss a date with my grandma on Valentine’s Day, and that they’re happy to explore the afterlife together.”

Farewell dear Eddie. May your soul be at peace.