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    I did?  What did I write? Bonita

    That electrochemical network is merely the physical fuel which keeps the engine of thought going, but it does not drive the engine. The adjutants drive the engine.  Adjutant mind ministry provides the directional mechanism, it urges electrochemical data collected by the brain toward progressively useful growth. Post 22258

    Dear everyone,

    Introduction :

    From long time associated with TUB … was a question about knowing and discover…

    Where does comes my thoughts?

    Where does they originated?

    65:0.6 The ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits (circuitlike) thus manipulate mind potentials …

    65:6.10 The physical brain (antenna) with its associated nervous system possesses innate capacity for response to mind ministry just as the developing mind (radio receiver) of a personality possesses a certain innate capacity for spirit receptivity and therefore contains the potentials of spiritual progress and attainment … 108:0.1 THE mission of the Thought Adjusters, Spirit of Truth, Mother Spirit and Spiritual Ministries (amplifiers) increase the power of the signal for further processing. Intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual evolution are dependent on the mind ministry of the seven adjutant spirits and their superphysical associates.

    65:7.6 They are the source and pattern for the otherwise more or less mysterious behavior and incompletely understood quick reactions of mind to the material environment (spirit adjutants ).

    • the brain is a mechanism / It doesn’t manage our thoughts / Without the brain, these potentials cannot be realized.

    In this imaginative/creative exercise, I didn’t juggle skillfully… yet. But I do react as wrote before to a experiential quest.

    What is yours point of view?




    I think you’re spot on André.  I like the idea of antenna, receiver and amplifier.  Mind ministry has a way of contacting the electrochemical substrate of the brain and working with it.  How it does this, I don’t know. It’s one of those things we might get taught in the Melchizedek schools during our ascension career.

    One of the things that is so remarkable about mind is that it has a creative ability.  Mind can build.  Another remarkable thing about mind is that it is connected to life.  Life and mind seem to go hand in hand, both derived from the Infinite Spirit.  Mind is not a machine.  Mind is living.  A living and creative mind must grow.  Growth is progressive.  Evolution is progressive.  It’s all part of the same ministry of the Infinite Spirit.

    Where do your individual thoughts come from?  It first starts with personality.  Animal thoughts are not the same as human thoughts.  With the advent of self-consciousness, mind gains the ability to reflect and make choices.  The human ability for reflective thought is the beginning of our journey, our adventure into eternity.

    130:2.8  That afternoon Jesus and Ganid had both enjoyed playing with a very intelligent shepherd dog, and Ganid wanted to know whether the dog had a soul, whether it had a will, and in response to his questions Jesus said: “The dog has a mind which can know material man, his master, but cannot know God, who is spirit; therefore the dog does not possess a spiritual nature and cannot enjoy a spiritual experience. The dog may have a will derived from nature and augmented by training, but such a power of mind is not a spiritual force, neither is it comparable to the human will, inasmuch as it is not reflective — it is not the result of discriminating higher and moral meanings or choosing spiritual and eternal values. It is the possession of such powers of spiritual discrimination and truth choosing that makes mortal man a moral being, a creature endowed with the attributes of spiritual responsibility and the potential of eternal survival.” Jesus went on to explain that it is the absence of such mental powers in the animal which makes it forever impossible for the animal world to develop language in time or to experience anything equivalent to personality survival in eternity. As a result of this day’s instruction Ganid never again entertained belief in the transmigration of the souls of men into the bodies of animals.

    I’m out of time for today, but I would like to contribute more.  This is my most favorite subject, along with the soul.  I have been thinking and writing about mind and soul for years now.  Actually, I’ve been spending most of my time preparing an essay on “The Word”, but I am willing to put it aside for this.  After all, reflective thinking has given us “the word”.   Thanks André.


    Great topic….I’ve often wondered if I’ve ever had an original “thought”?  Original to me, yes.  But a never thought of before thought in planetary or universe history?  I often doubt it.

    I sometimes think that all feelings and thoughts and insights and reasonable/logical conclusions/understandings and discoveries of how, why, what, when, who, etc. are like little treasures found on the trail of living – all of which, that already discovered and that yet to acquire, are required to progress to the next level of reality and personal progress.  In other words, everything which can be known, will someday become known by education and/or experience by each of us but will be so by a very personalized and unique order of “consumption/discovery” or realization based on that which has been previously acquired, discovered, and known to us each.




    …. delightfuls,intriguings, get going posts ….

    …keep pace

    calling upon all !


    andré wrote:get going posts ….keep pace
    André, could you give us some direction?  What is it that you would like to discuss?  Are you more interested in the ministry of mind or the process of thinking, or both?

    Where does comes my thoughts?

    Where does they originated?

    65:0.6 The ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits (circuitlike) thus manipulate mind potentials

    In your own mind.

    First a baby is born and nurtured.  Survival instincts are in place. The human senses are in place.   The adjutant mind-spirits, the first five of them, are ministering to the little one as best they can.  Babies cry a lot and gurgle and learn to smile. They are either hungry or tired or need a diaper change.  At first little ones put everything into their mouth.  The process of learning language is ongoing.  Little ones have to learn everything from scratch.  They are curious about everything.  They are willful, playful and do not listen to instruction or follow directions.  But they learn, don’t they? Eventually, the little one makes his first moral choice; the remaining two adjutant mind-spirits start to function; the thought adjuster arrives. Growth is ongoing.  Learning is ongoing.  I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.  The point is that your mind is where your thoughts come from.  I do not blame nor give credit to someone else for my thoughts.  I am responsible for my thoughts.  I like this reference, because it describes a progression over time of the beginnings of the organization of knowledge and ideas and decisions leading “to the ever-expanding and increasingly spiritual realities of the morontia worlds.”

    101:6:7   Revelation teaches mortal man that, to start such a magnificent and intriguing adventure through space by means of the progression of time, he should begin by the organization of knowledge into idea-decisions; next, mandate wisdom to labor unremittingly at its noble task of transforming self-possessed ideas into increasingly practical but nonetheless supernal ideals, even those concepts which are so reasonable as ideas and so logical as ideals that the Adjuster dares so to combine and spiritize them as to render them available for such association in the finite mind as will constitute them the actual human complement thus made ready for the action of the Truth Spirit of the Sons, the time-space manifestations of Paradise truth — universal truth. The co-ordination of idea-decisions, logical ideals, and divine truth constitutes the possession of a righteous character, the prerequisite for mortal admission to the ever-expanding and increasingly spiritual realities of the morontia worlds.
    Try this one on for size:
    101:6:4   The evolutionary type of knowledge is but the accumulation of protoplasmic memory material; this is the most primitive form of creature consciousness. Wisdom embraces the ideas formulated from protoplasmic memory in process of association and recombination, and such phenomena differentiate human mind from mere animal mind. Animals have knowledge, but only man possesses wisdom capacity. Truth is made accessible to the wisdom-endowed individual by the bestowal on such a mind of the spirits of the Father and the Sons, the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth.

    … or both?Bonita

    Anything related to Who or what sow thoughts in my brain.

    Somebody (Mother Spirit !) or something ( adjutant mind-spirits (circuitlike) do that.

    65:6.10  brain = innate capacity for response to mind ministry (Intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual evolution).

    9:8.12    minds = innate capacity for spirit receptivity.

    • memory, reason, judgment, creative imagination, idea association, decision, choice ..

    The 7thadjutants seek receptivity capacity (antenna) for manifestation.

    Mara as you share a TUB’s view concerning evolutionary type of knowledge (spirit adjutant) is an “accumulation of protoplasmic memory material” Learning and memory — abilities associated with a brain or, at the very least, neuronal activity http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080123/full/451385a.htmlwhom is included in that spirit adjutant. 101:6.4

    The spirit of knowledge manifest itself through the brain.

    The spirit of intuition: the gift of spontaneous association of ideas.

    Would I be mistaken related  knowledge/ideas/thoughts as synonyms or related ?

    … dears witnesses of my febrility …please temperate and help me together knock on the door of each of our beloved Adjuster till it open and modify those thoughts.



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    I have no “handle” yet on the Mind Ministry aspect. I do think (or choose to) that all thoughts exist prior to our selecting the ones we use and call our own.

    One might ask why some lower animals are born with all attributes in place. Such as snakes. I suspect that one mind is all that is required for the species.

    My analogy of human mind would be an electrical battery. It is not electricity, just a place for it to reside, It does follow rules in regards to flow and needs no instruction to follow the path of least resistance.

    We as humans seem to want to swim upstream rather than take the path of least resistance and go with the flow. Some insist on the “Why are we here” others let the water take them home.


    101:6:4   The evolutionary type of knowledge is but the accumulation of protoplasmic memory material; this is the most primitive form of creature consciousness. Wisdom embraces the ideas formulated from protoplasmic memory in process of association and recombination, and such phenomena differentiate human mind from mere animal mind. Animals have knowledge, but only man possesses wisdom capacity. Truth is made accessible to the wisdom-endowed individual by the bestowal on such a mind of the spirits of the Father and the Sons, the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth.

    In regards to this quote, note that wisdom differentiates the human mind from the animal mind.  They are referring to the adjutant of wisdom.  Once the seventh adjutant functions in a human mind, all the other adjutants fall into alignment.  The result is the appearance of a new level of divinity, the Holy Spirit, another level of mind along the road to divinity attainment, our goal.

    It works just like the Supreme.  When all seven superuniverses (and everything and everyone in them) attain light and life, when all seven are in perfect alignment, then kaboom! The result is a new level of divinity, God the Supreme.  This seems to be a recurrent theme.  When the seven adjutants all line up and encircuit an individual in perfect synchrony, a new level of divinity appears.  When we traverse all seven of the cosmic psychic circles, when they all line up in perfect synchrony as part of our experience, a new level of divinity appears – fusion with the Adjuster.  When we traverse all seven superuniverse levels of the ascension plan and successfully master them we become finaliters.  Then we go on to experience all seven of the superuniverses to reach new levels of spirit existence.  It keeps going in sevens.  Once we stabilize seven levels, a new super-level appears.

    So back to the adjutants.  The spirit of wisdom is the one that turns us into bona fide humans because it opens the gateway to higher levels of thinking while still utilizing the unified lower levels of thinking.  Wisdom strives to lead thinking towards spirit.  Spirit directed thinking is also called reflective thinking, meditative thinking, or prayer leading up to worship. Wisdom opens the mind to possibilities from above while applying those possibilities to the lower levels of thought as they relate to the physical world.  Wisdom is the master of the lower adjutants.  At least it works this way in a normal and balanced mind, which is why it’s so important to keep the mind healthy and clean.

    While the spirit of wisdom works to lead thoughts upward toward spirit, the Spirit within us is busy working to adjust those thoughts which arrive on the spirit level (soul level).  That’s where thoughts get spiritized, or blessed by Spirit, adjustered by Spirit, and given spiritual meaning.  Thoughts with spiritual meaning aren’t meant to just hang out for eternity in the soul.  They do get copied and treasured, but they don’t contribute to growth until they make it back down the conduit to the adjutant level of thinking and become actionable. That’s the job of the Spirit of Truth, the Master of relations of all persons and things.  This is a spiritual fruit given life, made real in the world, a potential actualized, a piece of the Supreme evolving, more of one’s psychic circles becoming stabilized, aka, progress toward divinity attainment, stabilization and personal light and life.  It’s a beautiful system.

     0:5.8 2. Mind. The thinking, perceiving, and feeling mechanism of the human organism. The total conscious and unconscious experience. The intelligence associated with the emotional life reaching upward through worship and wisdom to the spirit level.

    36:5.12 7. The spirit of wisdom – the inherent tendency of all moral creatures towards orderly and progressive evolutionary advancement. This is the highest of the adjutants, the spirit co-ordinator and articulator of the work of all the others. This spirit is the secret of that inborn urge of mind creatures which initiates and maintains the practical and effective program of the ascending scale of existence; that gift of living things which accounts for their inexplicable ability to survive and, in survival, to utilize the co-ordination of all their past experience and present opportunities for the acquisition of all of everything that all of the other six mental ministers can mobilize in the mind of the organism concerned. Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance. Wisdom is the goal of a purely mental and moral existence.

    110:6.13 The seventh circle. . . . This signifies the united function of the seven adjutant mind-spirits under the direction of the spirit of wisdom, the encircuitment of the mortal creature in the influence of the Holy Spirit, and, on Urantia, the first functioning of the Spirit of Truth, together with the reception of a Thought Adjuster in the mortal mind.

    85:7.3 When the worship urge is admonished and directed by wisdom – meditative and experiential thinking – it then begins to develop into the phenomenon of real religion. When the seventh adjutant spirit, the spirit of wisdom, achieves effective ministration, then in worship man begins to turn away from nature and natural objects to the God of nature and to the eternal Creator of all things natural.

    112:2.13 In time, thinking leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to worship; in eternity, worship leads to wisdom, and wisdom eventuates in the finality of thought.

    Ramblon wrote:  I do think (or choose to) that all thoughts exist prior to our selecting the ones we use and call our own.

    Do you also choose to think that sinful thoughts exist prior to selection?  That would be an excellent defense for Lucifer, wouldn’t it? Yet we are told that his sinful thoughts originated within his own mind.  If they originated and took form in his own mind, they could not have pre-existed.

    53:2.2 There were no peculiar or special conditions in the system of Satania which suggested or favored rebellion. It is our belief that the idea took origin and form in Lucifer’s mind, and that he might have instigated such a rebellion no matter where he might have been stationed.

    53:2.3 No one ever suggested rebellion to Lucifer. The idea of self-assertion in opposition to the will of Michael and to the plans of the Universal Father, as they are represented in Michael, had its origin in his own mind.

    53:2.5 It is very difficult to point out the exact cause or causes which finally culminated in the Lucifer rebellion. We are certain of only one thing, and that is: Whatever these first beginnings were, they had their origin in Lucifer’s mind.

    So, I’m guessing that you mean only true, beautiful and good thoughts pre-exist, right?  But where do these thoughts pre-exist, where are they before they are selected?  Is there a depository for thoughts somewhere or are they floating around in the universe waiting to get grabbed up?  How is it that you find them and choose them?



    Would I be mistaken related knowledge/ideas/thoughts as synonyms or related ?

    Related? Yes. Synonymous? No.  Material knowledge has to do with facts.  Ideas have to do with the interpretation of facts, what those facts mean, for better or for worse.  Problem-solving is an ever-present motivator in life and you have to think to problem-solve.  The mouse-trap was a great invention.  I think we humans have a curiosity drive.  We want to know more.  At least some people want to know more.  Others may be satisfied with the status quo at all levels of thinking.  They are in their groove and do not want to be bothered.  I cannot imagine being a person like that.  Here is a related reference.

    111:6:7   The expansion of material knowledge permits a greater intellectual appreciation of the meanings of ideas and the values of ideals. A human being can find truth in his inner experience, but he needs a clear knowledge of facts to apply his personal discovery of truth to the ruthlessly practical demands of everyday life.



    Thanks to all for the clear “thoughts” you have posted here.  While I did wonder out loud if I’ve ever had an original thought, I did not mean that my thoughts pre-existed.  I think thoughts might be divided into 4 broad categories:  day to day choices which apply to the practical daily life which have no moral/religious/spiritual consideration; thoughts/decisions which place self importance above others (which may also include those in the first category too);  thoughts/choices  where the motive and intent of the choice is love/service for others (again, which may include the first category); and finally, all thoughts that take the form of prayer, communion, and/or worship.

    While thoughts that are self centered or selfish do have repercussions to the individual and do not “survive” to soul and Supreme, one might consider them “wasted” opportunities in the maturation, spiritization, and wisdom gaining endeavor of the mortal life.   Thoughts which are properly motivated and intended do contribute to an eternal reality for self and the Supreme.  These are the thoughts which are required for progress in the 7 circles and, we are told, it is both the quantity and the quality of these choices/thoughts that advance the mind and soul in very discernable and measurable ways to our Thought Adjuster Father Fragment within.  So we must have sufficient quantity and sufficient quality of thoughts and choices prior to fusion.

    As freewill is a gift that is inviable, it would be impossible to believe that our freewill choices and thoughts do not originate in the mind which must so choose the destiny and then give origin to the thoughts and choices for the progress toward and into that destiny.  Anything else becomes a mechanization of mind or a hive mind or an over-mind proposition.  There are those who do so claim that there is no free will and all choices/thoughts are a “program response” to situations/choices.  Such claims belie and belittle the gifts of personality, mind, free will, time, and personal progress in reality….and also ignore the spirit nature and universe reality that exists.

    But in a way, I do think there are certain thoughts and choices which are common mile markers of progress which must be achieved by personal choice which all ascenders share and which establish our distance traveled and distance to go to reach our potential on the path to Paradise.  It is all these “shared” thoughts of which I spoke when I wondered if I’ve ever had an original thought….there are only so many potential thoughts that most mortals might have I think from which to choose at any given intersection of choice…as it is in music – there are only so many notes and scales and keys and rythyms and beats to be played, the originality comes by the personalized expression of those in time.

    As far as the “flow” goes….it is my opinion that the “drift” and current are the animal nature until one has adequately transferred the seat of our identity from the animal mind to the spirit mind of our dual natures.  This takes will and effort….until it does not, because the way/current of the spirit has become our “way” and we now respond to the spirit, mind, and personality gravity circuits as the animal mind fades in its grip upon our choices/thoughts.  The UB describes this transition period as one of inner conflict and that only those in the full grip of either the animal nature or the spirit nature are not so conflicted.  It is likely true that the home and the culture and the world’s epochal status all contribute to the amount of such conflict and the difficulty in transferring the seat of identity.  The worlds of Agondontor origin are, by definition, environments of such conflict for the tadpole to transcend!

    I have experienced that lessening of conflict in my life as I gain confidence in universe reality and the loving nature of God and gain that time-unit view of personal and planetary progress which results in a sublime peace of mind and joyful expression of simply BEING.

    Great discussion.


    can thoughts originate in dreams?

    What is a dream to the question where do my thoughts originate?

    Was Joseph’s dream unique?



    Dear all,

    As Mara often said : shared is Godlike.
    Bonita, I didn’t forget your question asking me to precise my quest. But for the moment, I am enthusiastic to share whats been wrote on the french forum version of AFLLU.
    I start the same thread on the french side. This french post might kept your attention. It’s all about personal perception/brain/mind etc.

    To shared it, I will proceed with the origninal french answer and work it out to translate it.

    Bonjour à tous,
    Notre corps est vivant. Le vivant est l’immersion de la matière inerte dans le mental cosmique, tel que celui-ci est qualifié dans Nebadon. Cela veut dire que tout notre corps est construit de mental cosmique. Le fonctionnement de notre corps est un échange continu avec l’environnement, la vie n’est pas restreinte à l’intérieur de l’organisme. Il y a les organismes végétaux et animaux, et les organismes humains. Ce qui les différencie pour toujours est le don de la personnalité par le Père Céleste aux humains, et pas aux autres. Et la personnalité confère une identité à cette relation organisme/environnement où elle en unifie tous les composants. Il nous est demandé de ne pas oublier l’action de la personnalité dans cette relation. Ce qui implique plusieurs choses essentielles: notre vie individuelle déborde la limite de la peau. tout ce qui entre dans notre corps est déjà unifié par la personnalité
    tout ce qui en sort aussi , en premier lieu nos pensées et la conséquence de nos décisions actes.
    Question: Où s’arrête notre être, et où commence celui des autres? A 1 mètre , à deux?
    Je téléphone à New York et j’agis dans un domaine ou un autre, la présence de ma personnalité agira là-bas tout aussi bien qu’ici. L’autre personnalité me reconnaîtra comme si elle était en face de moi. Et réciproquement. Le son de ma voix est moi-même. Lorsqu’il est entendu l’autre m’accueille en lui, et est accueilli ici en même temps dans cet acte d’écoute.
    Ce qui veut dire que la présence humaine immerge le monde matériel dans une kaléidoscopie personnelle, et est immergée à son tour dans le mental cosmique qui baigne le monde.
    Ce qui veut dire aussi que le monde est vivant, et donc aussi le soleil, car l’ère de lumière et de vie ancre le monde dans les maîtres circuits d’Orvonton, et donc aussi le soleil puisque la planète ne peut exister sans lui.( Le grand Univers est un organisme vivant!)
    Il y a le mental, et il y a les pensées. Le mental est la substance, et les pensées en sont l’utilisation. Dans l’univers il semblerait que tout soit stratifié. Depuis la matière solide, en passant par les mers et les océans, puis les courants aériens, couches sur couches.
    Je pense qu’il doit en être de même pour le mental. Et pour l’esprit.
    Les êtres sont immergés dans la matière , dans le mental et dans l’esprit. Et ils se meuvent un peu comme un plongeur, en montant et descendant sans arrêt. Selon la façon dont on utilise le mental on monte ou on descend, la mesure étant la direction prise par nos pensées: vers la matière ou vers l’esprit.
    La clé est que rien n’est statique, tout est en continuel mouvement, descendant vers la matière, ou ascendant vers l’esprit. L’Ajusteur s’efforçant toujours d’activer les potentiels d’esprit du mental, afin de nous transformer spirituellement.
    On pourrait mieux concevoir le mental comme un immense océan planétaire, à l’mage de l’atmosphère terrestre, entrant et sortant continuellement de chacun et de tous, après transformation intérieure et remise en circulation générale.
    Ce que pense un être humain a tout autant d’importance que ses actes. C’est pourquoi le Père juge sur l’intention avant de juger l’acte. Ce dernier est la concrétisation de l’intention.
    On nous dit que le mental humain repose doucement sur la structure corticale matérielle et touche délicatement la structure psycho morontielle supérieure. C’est sa place pour fonctionner. Et c’est en lui que la personnalité s’identifie. Elle utilise la substance mentale pour penser. En pensant elle choisit. Son choix est en faveur de la matière ou en faveur de l’esprit.
    Si l’on accepte de concevoir la personnalité comme étant différente de la matière, du mental et de l’esprit; si l’on se hisse jusqu’à son niveau; alors on peut voir clairement dans son champ de conscience l’esprit, le mental et la matière, et à chaque circonstance le libre choix qui s’offre à nous d’aller depuis le mental vers l’esprit en haut, ou vers la matière en bas.
    Dans l’amour du Père qui nous permet de l’aimer en retour.

    Good day all,
    Our body is alive. The alive is the immersion of the inert matter in the cosmic mind, as it have been qualified (set) in Nebadon. That’s means all of our bodies is constructed of cosmic mind. Our body mechanism is a permanent exchange with our environment, life is not restraint inside our organism. There is vegetables organism,animals and humans. What does make a difference forever is the Divine gift of personality to humans (period). Personality in-dwell to an individual confer at this relation organism/environment where it unify all components. It is ask to not forget personality’s action (involvement) in this relation. That‘s imply many essentials things: our individual life goes beyond skin limit.

    Everything entering our body is already unify by personality.
    Idem, everything comes out of it.

    First of all, our thoughts are consequence of our decision/action.

    Question: Where stop our self and where begin self of other ? At 1 meter, at 2 ?
    I phoned at New-York and I’am acting in one domain or another. The presence of my personality will act there as well as it act here.
    The other personality will recognize me as if I was in front of her. Vice versa. The sound of my voice is myself. When it is heard the other welcome me inside him as he is welcome here at same time in this listening act.

    Which means human presence immersed material world in a Kaleidoscopic’s personal image and is immersed in turn in cosmic mind whom saturated the world.
    It means also the world is alive and also the sun. The era of light and life anchor the word in Ovorton’s master circuits and the sun because the planet won’t survived without it (The master Univers is alive organism. There is the mind and the thoughts. The mind is the substance and thoughts are it utilisation. In universe it seems thats all is stratified. Since solid matter, passing through oceans and seas, and air currents flow, layer over layer.

    I think it must be the same for mind and the spirit.

    Beings are immersed in matter, mind and spirit. They moved somehow as an diver going up or down non-stop. Dependent the way we use the mind we going up or down. As measurement direction taken by our thought: towards matter or towards spirit.

    The key is nothing is static, all is in a perpetual motion. Descending in the direction of matter or ascending in the direction of the Spirit.
    The Adjuster always make efforts to activate those spirit’s potentials of mind for the purpose of spiritual transformation.

    We can better conceived the mind as a huge planetary ocean or at the image of terrestrial atmosphere. Coming in,going out continually from us and from all after been transform within and put back in general circulation. What think a human being is as much important as his act. Thats why the Father judge on motives before judging the act. The latter is the is the consecration of intention.
    We have been told that the human mind (??? consciousness) rests gently upon the material cortical structure and delicately touches superior structural psycho morontia. 111:1.5 It is its place to carry on. And it’s in it that personality identify itself. It use mind substance to think by thinking it’s choosing. It choices backing matter or backing spitit.
    If we accept to conceive personality as different from matter, mind and spirit.
    If we haul ourself up to it level, then we can see clearly in it field of consciousness spirit, mind and matter and at each circumstance the free-will’s choice offer us opportunities go ahead from mind to turn to spirit heading up hight or heading to matter down below.

    In God’s Love whom allowed us love Him in return.

    Author: Jt611121





    Hello André.  Thank you for sharing Jt611121’s post.  I agree with much of it, but there are just a few things I don’t agree with.

    andré wrote:  Everything entering our body is already unify by personality.

    I don’t think this is accurate.  What we perceive in our environment only becomes unified after it is processed by mind, after given meaning and applied.  The personality must have a choice in how it unifies.  If everything is already unified by personality before entering consciousness, how did it ever get unified without mind and personality working together.  I’m not sure I’m explaining this as well as it can be, but nothing entering our body is unified by personality until after it has entered.  And by body, I presume you mean the sensory nervous system, the means by which the body gathers information concerning its environment and those in it.  However, I don’t think food and water have much need for unification, nor does oxygen or other basic elements.

    andré wrote: First of all, our thoughts are consequence of our decision/action.

    I also don’t think this is necessarily the whole truth.  Yes, some of our thoughts result from decisions.  If I make an unwise decision, my mind suffers from the conflict with all sorts of thoughts going back and forth.  But not all thoughts are the consequences of my personal actions.  For instance, I did not give one thought to hurricane Hermine until last night when I got an email from my landlord at the shore.  My thoughts concerning that matter had nothing to do with any decision I personally made.  I have no control over hurricanes and where they go or what they do, but the hurricane is influencing my thoughts.  Hence, my thoughts are the consequences of an external event I had nothing to do with.  The stimulus for thought can come from both external sources and internal sources. That is the purpose of mind, to coordinate the outer physical world with the inner spiritual world.

    116:3.2 1. The mind focalizations of the Third Source and Center. The finite domains of energy and spirit are literally held together by the mind presences of the Conjoint Actor. This is true from the Creative Spirit in a local universe through the Reflective Spirits of a superuniverse to the Master Spirits in the grand universe. The mind circuits emanating from these varied intelligence focuses represent the cosmic arena of creature choice. Mind is the flexible reality which creatures and Creators can so readily manipulate; it is the vital link connecting matter and spirit. The mind bestowal of the Third Source and Center unifies the spirit person of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the evolutionary Almighty.

    12:8.7 The Conjoint Actor reacts to both material and spiritual realities and therefore inherently becomes the universal minister to all intelligent beings, beings who may represent a union of both the material and spiritual phases of creation. The endowment of intelligence, the ministry to the material and the spiritual in the phenomenon of mind, is the exclusive domain of the Conjoint Actor, who thus becomes the partner of the spiritual mind, the essence of the morontia mind, and the substance of the material mind of the evolutionary creatures of time.

    We know that the cosmic reality reflexes react to both external reality and internal reality.  We also know that thought precedes decisions.  It is not possible to make decisions about anything unless you’re conscious of the options.  This means that thought precedes and usually goes into decision making.  There may be some reflex decisions built into the lower adjutants, but humans are fortunate to have the spirit of wisdom which has some control over those animal reflexes.  On that note, wisdom is not gained without thought followed by action.  First there’s the thought, followed by the word, which leads to the action.  That’s exactly how the Trinity was formed, that is how it works with us too.

    8:0.1 Back in eternity, when the Universal Father’s “first” infinite and absolute thought finds in the Eternal Son such a perfect and adequate word for its divine expression, there ensues the supreme desire of both the Thought-God and the Word-God for a universal and infinite agent of mutual expression and combined action. 

    56:2.1 The Thought-Father realizes spirit expression in the Word-Son and attains reality expansion through Paradise in the far-flung material universes. The spiritual expressions of the Eternal Son are correlated with the material levels of creation by the functions of the Infinite Spirit, by whose spirit-responsive ministry of mind, and in whose physical-directive acts of mind, the spiritual realities of Deity and the material repercussions of Deity are correlated the one with the other.

    andré wrote: The mind is the substance and thoughts are it utilisation.
    Thoughts also have substance since they respond to gravity: material, mindal and spiritual.  Only those responding to spiritual gravity survive.  Moreover, mind is more than substance, it is ministry, it is substance with a purpose.  The purpose of mind is to correlate material reality with spiritual reality.  It does so in a graduated, overlapping manner, beginning with the spirit of intuition, the mind adjutant of self-preservation, progressing to the supermind of the soul, the mechanism for personality survival.

    9:6.2 Much as the Father draws all personality to himself, and as the Son attracts all spiritual reality, so does the Conjoint Actor exercise a drawing power on all minds; he unqualifiedly dominates and controls the universal mind circuit. All true and genuine intellectual values, all divine thoughts and perfect ideas, are unerringly drawn into this absolute circuit of mind. 

    12:8.9-12 Though it is hardly possible for the mortal mind to comprehend the seven levels of relative cosmic reality, the human intellect should be able to grasp much of the meaning of three functioning levels of finite reality:

    1. Matter. Organized energy which is subject to linear gravity except as it is modified by motion and conditioned by mind.
    2. Mind. Organized consciousness which is not wholly subject to material gravity, and which becomes truly liberated when modified by spirit.
    3. Spirit. The highest personal reality. True spirit is not subject to physical gravity but eventually becomes the motivating influence of all evolving energy systems of personality dignity.
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