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    Gene wrote: What is a dream to the question where do my thoughts originate?

    Most dream content comes from the subconscious level of mind. The subconscious is unconscious.  It is a place where various thoughts concerning reality, which don’t make it to the conscious level, are stored for later use.  These thoughts can group themselves together and emerge when the conscious mind is not in full control, such as during sleep.  Ideas from the subconscious can also emerge during conscious wakeful times, and they seem foreign, as though they’re coming from outside the mind.  Many people have confused that voice with the voice of God.  It’s really just your own subconscious mind emerging into consciousness.  The subconscious has some useful stuff stored there, but it’s mostly useful concerning the material world.

    110:4.3 Certain abrupt presentations of thoughts, conclusions, and other pictures of mind are sometimes the direct or indirect work of the Adjuster; but far more often they are the sudden emergence into consciousness of ideas which have been grouping themselves together in the submerged mental levels, natural and everyday occurrences of normal and ordinary psychic function inherent in the circuits of the evolving animal mind. (In contrast with these subconscious emanations, the revelations of the Adjuster appear through the realms of the superconscious.)

    91:7.4 The human mind may perform in response to so-called inspiration when it is sensitive either to the uprisings of the subconscious or to the stimulus of the superconscious. In either case it appears to the individual that such augmentations of the content of consciousness are more or less foreign. Unrestrained mystical enthusiasm and rampant religious ecstasy are not the credentials of inspiration, supposedly divine credentials.

    44:4.7 4. Promoters of oratory. This group of recorders are occupied with the task of preserving thought for reproduction by oratory. But in the language of Nebadon we could, in a half hour’s address, cover the subject matter of the entire lifetime of a Urantia mortal. Your only hope of comprehending these transactions is to pause and consider the technique of your disordered and garbled dream life — how you can in a few seconds traverse years of experience in these fantasies of the night season.

    110:5.2 Man’s dream experiences, that disordered and disconnected parade of the un-co-ordinated sleeping mind, present adequate proof of the failure of the Adjusters to harmonize and associate the divergent factors of the mind of man. The Adjusters simply cannot, in a single lifetime, arbitrarily co-ordinate and synchronize two such unlike and diverse types of thinking as the human and the divine. When they do, as they sometimes have, such souls are translated directly to the mansion worlds without the necessity of passing through the experience of death.

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