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    i’m not small.

    139:5.6 (1556.6) The one quality about Jesus which Philip so continuously admired was the Master’s unfailing generosity. Never could Philip find anything in Jesus which was small, niggardly, or stingy, and he worshiped this ever-present and unfailing liberality.

    One of the more <scientific> gifts in the fifth epochal revelation is a new foundation for our science of psychology. Not only do the authors explain precisely what mind is, in all its forms and flavours, but they also tell a most surprising story about how animal psycho-somatic interaction evolved on this world. And all of this touches on one of the most <non-scientific> questions we usually forget to ask: what is it that makes something <feel true>? Over the course of its 2,000 pages, the Urantia Book sketches out the many factors (both material and numinous) that collaborate to help make us responsive to truth. To start the discussion, over the next few posts I’ll try to set the scene.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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