Focus on the Father – Stop Resisting

The Teaching

The secret of his unparalleled life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship—unbroken communion with God—and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices. [Paper 196.0, page 2089.0] 

The Takeaway  

The consciousness of the presence of God is the secret of the most unparalleled religious life that was ever lived by a human in this universe. And this holy attainment was attained by intelligent prayer and sincere worship—unbroken communion with God.  

The Personal Plan  

Think about God all the time, as often as you can remember. Don’t be anxious as to the exact contents of those thoughts—have faith that your onboard divine interpreter will adjust them. The heavenly marching orders are: “Be you perfect” and we have all been taught that practice makes perfect.  

Our practice techniques are intelligent prayer and sincere worship. There is absolutely no mystery in those instructions though all too often we rationalize our resistance to the perfection plan. We excel at finding ways to avoid God. That’s why we have a Thought Adjuster to help us in “ceasing to resist.”  

All these movements of personality growth become powerful influences aiding in your advancement because they help you to co-operate with the Adjuster; they assist you in ceasing to resist.  [Paper 110.3, page 1205.5] 

Again, our friendly indwelling spirit—our moral co-pilot—will assist us in ceasing to resist and making wise decisions so we can advance. We must learn to trust all spiritual matters to our pre-personal spiritual training coach. One of the ways we break our resistance is to make merciful allowances for our broken communion, loving-kindness for our human inconstancy. This is not, however, to avoid perfecting by laying lazy claim to our imperfection. Get a little communion, get some communion, or get a lot of communion.