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Email or talk to a member of the National or Local Urantia Association in your country or region to find a study group near you or to find others interested in starting a study group.

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Note: A number of readers of The Urantia Book have given us permission to refer other readers to them. They have done this to enhance mutual understanding of the teachings of the book and to establish friendships with other readers. In giving their name(s) to you, we ask that you use them only to contact these individuals and for no other purpose. Also, we are not able to make any representations to you that the individuals to whom we refer readers are adequately informed about the book, or that they are individuals with whom you would like to associate or study. These kinds of decisions are largely personal in nature, so we leave them with you.

By typing in your location, you can search for study groups in your area or anywhere in the world. Urantia Book study group hosts register their group’s information in our online database. If there is a group in your area, we will find it for you.

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Internet Study Groups

Discussion Forums

This website provides several discussion forums to choose from as does the French and Spanish websites, where you will meet students of The Urantia Book from around the world to study, share ideas, work on projects and make friends.

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Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS)


The Urantia Book Internet School was created as a means to help students from all over the world study The Urantia Book in an internet setting that frees the students from the constraints of distance, timetables, and physical presence. Courses are given in small classes under the guidance of a trained and experienced teacher/facilitator using the “Questions and Response” technique. The Urantia Book Internet School is designed to help the study to:

  • Develop a progressive approach to difficult concepts.
  • Enlarge his or her comprehension by going deeper into the revelation.
  • Learn teamwork and the fostering of good will.
  • Develop methods for presentation and dissemination of the teachings.

Enrollment in a course begins on the first Monday of January, April and September, continuing for two weeks.
Visit the UBIS Website

Symmetry of Soul

SoS Image

A weekly study of the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book, mindful of the threefold nature of the cosmos: “philosophy, religion, and science are welded into a meaningful unity by the conjoined action of wisdom, faith, and experience.” Our exploration follows a study group pattern of topical inquiry, moderated discussion, and citations from LIVE Broadcast is Tuesdays 9:00 to 11:00 PM Eastern Time and archives of all past shows on on the website.
Visit the Symmetry of Soul Website

United States Study Group Directory

The Urantia Association of the United States has developed a list of study groups in the USA that are focused on study of The Urantia Book and its incomparable teachings.
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Australia & New Zealand Study Group Directory

The Australia & New Zealand Urantia Association (ANZURA) has a list of study groups that focus on The Urantia Book and its teachings. Visit their study group directory to find a study group host.
Australia & New Zealand Study Group Directory