UAI Conf Sydney 2006Conferences, symposiums and other educational meetings are organized by Urantia Association. Such events provide opportunities for readers to meet and interact with one another. By sponsoring gatherings, Urantia Association promotes a deeper understanding of service and teamwork, and the personal commitment to ideals of spiritual living.

Educational programs are developed that encourage the in-depth study of The Urantia Book and the natural development of leaders and teachers. The events, topics, speakers, facilitators, venues, and time frames of meetings are planned well in advance. Urantia Association members may volunteer or be invited to assist in any of these areas.

In addition to meetings and conferences organized by Local and National Associations, every three years Urantia Association sponsors an international conference. The venue for this event is alternated between countries that have a National Association so that members and readers worldwide have an opportunity to attend and participate in the planning and hosting of an international gathering.

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