Daughters of God Update

In our retreats, women are invited to deeply explore how the Divine dances with you in your physical, social, and spiritual life, and how you can deepen this relationship and reach out to other women in sisterhood.

We are a team of four women inspired by the teachings of The Urantia Book. Coming from different walks of life, we bonded through a shared vision, and it became our mission to enhance the status of being a woman dedicated to spiritual growth, intellectual advancement, and moral progress. In stepping out of conventional models of leadership, we have adopted the fishbowl conversation to create a milieu of soul-sharing.

Over the last 7 years, we have conducted workshops during conferences and facilitated women retreats nationally and internationally—we were fortunate to be invited to work in Canada, the USA, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

We hope to meet you either in Colorado in March or at the Urantia Foundation next September!

For more information on our upcoming events see the poster below and our website at: http://sisterhoodcircle.net/