Dancing with God: Emerging in Sacredness – A Retreat for Women

September 21-25, 2017

What can be expected when thirteen women gather for a retreat called, Dancing with God: Emerging in Sacredness? From the very moment of arrival at Urantia Foundation, the atmosphere of welcome, appreciation, and joyful anticipation was palpable. Thank you for the feminine touches, Joanne, Jen, and Tamara at 533!

It was in a milieu of trust created on the second floor of the Foundation that thirteen women, all students of The Urantia Book, gathered for this special time. The retreat facilitators used the Fishbowl method of conversation, in which leaders sit in the middle of the circle and begin a conversation that the outer circle later joins into. We contemplated and delved into two questions: How do I become aware of the sacred in the drudgery of everyday life? And how do we as women emerge in sacredness?

After three inspiring days of sharing, meditation, prayers, and laughter, we came to a better understanding of how the divine presence works in us and around us. We have become more aware of our responsibility as the moral standard-bearers and the spiritual leaders of mankind, daughters of God.

Following are some comments from the attendees of the retreat as they danced with God.

  • To have been privileged to participate in this emergence in sacredness has been a blessing beyond anything I could have imagined. The friendships formed, the knowledge gained from the life experiences shared by others, the realization that we, as women, share a deeply spiritual common goal for ourselves, our children, and all of humanity on this planet, will serve to inspire and motivate me in the future to “take my place” as a daughter of God emerging in sacredness.

  • I never experienced anything like this, going so deep where my heart and spirit released so many emotions of laughing and crying.

  • We shared our lives, bared our souls, and came away with a better appreciation of The Urantia Book and how we can apply its teachings to our everyday lives. Thank you for the warm and safe atmosphere where we delved into our hidden inner beings!

  • Almost all of us have been wounded on this planet. Loss, disappointment, abuse, and grievous tragedies abound. Often, we don’t share the real heartbreaking stories of our lives with others. Last weekend was a rare opportunity for a small group of women to share some of our deepest sorrows in a safe and supportive place. A lot of healing transpired. It was surprising to learn how many women carry heavy burdens, but it was even more inspiring to hear story after story of ways in which individuals have experienced the Spirit responding to prayers for help and leading them out of dark places. The weekend was a remarkable testament to the love of our divine parents for their children. Only in a Urantia gathering could one expect to find so many people consciously aware of the divine presence in their lives, transforming sorrow into joy. What a blessing to be there among the women!

  • I am so grateful for the support of all my sisters. In this retreat, there was no pressure, and it became easy to be intimate with meaningful sharing.

  • Though we were a disparate group and from different parts of the country, we began using the Fishbowl method of tackling questions and almost immediately felt the love of God in our midst. Rarely can such a trusting, spiritual environment develop among people in such a short time. I have made twelve new “forever friends.” We played, too, adjourning to a Chicago piano bar to hear the multi-talented Bob Solone, who sang “Georgia on My Mind” and many other standards.

  • Coming from that group and into the world made me see people differently and how giving time and attention makes the world a better place for me and those I come in contact with. I better understand now how to bear and show the fruits of my faith.

  • The sharing with women quickly turned into an intimate sisterhood naturally fostered and held together by trust, safety, and respect. Hope and healing prevailed. My intellect knew I was a special child loved by God. Now it’s in my heart where it rests today. I experienced sacredness as a woman, an elusive state for me until this special weekend. Thank you, daughters of God, for thirteen new friends in the Spirit and for helping me into a deeper relationship with the One who continues to shape my soul.

The Daughters of God group, facilitated by Katharina Becker, Doreen Heyne, Carolyn Prentice, and Line St-Pierre, would love to share this model with other groups to help them encourage more women to appreciate their value and calling. If you would like to experience this retreat, we would be happy to travel to your retreat site to meet with your group. If you plan a date, gather six to eight women, and reserve a venue, we will commit to meeting with your group. We look forward to empowering more women to follow their spiritual longings for sisterhood and outreach. Please contact Line St-Pierre for more information at [email protected].