Reflections – Volunteers at Book Fairs

Peru 2017

Mairam Durand from Peru says:

The main objective of the book fair was not to sell books—even though each one of them was sold—but to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book. It is only by experience that we truly comprehend that there are people searching for answers, seekers of truth. And who better than children and youngsters—with their thirst of knowledge, observing it all—to generate questioning? One morning a 7-year old child who was holding the hand of his 5-year old little sister, approached me, and coming close asked, ‘Could you tell me where God is?’ At first I was surprised, because people normally start asking ‘What is The Urantia Book?’ or ‘What is Urantia?’ This beautiful being of only 7-years old went straight to the point… ‘Where is God?’ I put my hand on his heart and told him, ‘Here.’ There was no surprise, not even doubt, in his eyes! He clearly understood and continued with the questioning: ‘How do I to talk to him? Does he listen to me? Where does he live?’ Then, quickly the little sister, next to him, stared at the universe banner and pointed her little finger towards Havona, and said, ‘There, right?’ I was simply amazed by the simplicity of their questions and the rapidity of their understanding. Then we talked about the meaning of loving each other as siblings, for that is what The Urantia Book teaches us when reading it. I consider that my experience, as part of the team in charge of the Urantia booth, was far more than a simple trip to the book fair; it was a journey of adventures that helped me to comprehend that there are no barriers, and that everything moves and flows in order to increase understanding of where we are.

Bolivia 2017

Volunteers at 2018 Bolivia Book Fair

José Ernesto Árias from Bolivia says:

I think that because of this kind of work we have become more aware of the importance of the mission of disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book. We have learned that people are now open and thirst for this new knowledge. I expected that there would be more people who would be critical and would mock us, but there was no such thing, rather the opposite. People were willing to listen…

The personal experiences of those who have served at book fairs are a testimony to the importance of this work. These volunteers have been supported in their global efforts since the inception of Urantia Association International. Urantia communities remain active and vibrant and leaders and teachers are developed in the course of organizing and staging book fairs. Study groups are initiated and expanded as the result of this public outreach.

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