Brazil Urantia Association

The Urantia Association of Brazil (UAB) was established as a National Association of Urantia Association International in 2003. It is one of the largest associations with a total of 493 members, 120 of whom have read the book in its entirety. All the activities of our association during the 2020/2021 biennium was guided by a strategic plan that was established at the beginning of 2020 to provide direction and structure for our association.​ In this way, we established and implemented well-defined objectives and followed up with weekly meetings of the board to assess the progress of activities.​

In general, our overarching goal is to become more proactive in our work of spreading the Urantia revelation in Brazil and ​to become better acquainted with Urantia Book students of in our region. We want to become more efficient in distributing The Urantia Book and to provide effective communication channels so that students of the book can find one another for study and socializing purposes.

Our main goals are to generate financial resources to meet the needs of our association, support our members in their various initiatives, create a standardized communication channel with the Urantia Book reader community using all available media resources, distribute The Urantia Book to various segments of the general community of truth seekers, foster more study groups both virtual and face-to-face, and provide a good infrastructure for the implementation of our plans.​​

Activities & Objectives

Our activities are divided into five areas with the aim of structuring and organizing for future growth.​ In practice, these activities are undertaken by all board members and some employees.​

1. Administrative and Financial​. Our objective is to improve our administration and generate financial resources to meet infrastructure needs and to better support members in their various initiatives.​ This includes encouraging members to engage through teamwork and service, conducting monthly fundraising campaigns, continuing our work of producing an audio version of The Urantia Book into Portuguese (which we expect to complete by April 2022), increasing Urantia Book sales, and supporting member initiatives on YouTube and with projects such as the Urantia School which is an initiative of a group of readers who launched the school with 149 lessons on The Urantia Book.

2. Communication​. Our objective is to create and make available materials and means for the communication and dissemination of the Urantia teachings using all available media resources.​ Currently we are present on all available social media and, in addition to our annual meetings, we are undertaking presentations and workshops as well as an introductory program for new students of the book.

3. Dissemination​. Our objective is to disseminate The Urantia Book by attracting new readers and to increase the number of our members.​ We sold 280 books in 2020/2021 and we had 1.8 million YouTube views on our presentations and workshops.

4. Study Groups​. Our objective is to increase the number of face-to-face and virtual study groups, and to stimulate and maintain the quality of these studies.​ In 2020/2021 only one new face-to-face study group was established due to the Covid pandemic but there was a large increase in online presence.

5. Infrastructure​. Our objective is to implement, support, and maintain the digital infrastructure necessary for the functioning of UAB initiatives.​ We aim to implement a program for registering and monitoring our relationships with associates and members; our website is being upgraded and will have a new look in 2022. This year we will also be implementing a video library to improve searches for our many videos.

“The daily practice of small actions is the secret of great achievements” — Delia Steinberg Guzmán

UAB Board​ 2020 / 2021​

Milton Cardoso​ – Chairman​
Flavio Burin​ – Vice-President​
Desirré Abi Rachid​ – Chief Financial Officer​
Geraldo Majela​ – Secretary​
Stella Maris​ – Members and Groups Director ​

To see a detailed outline of our plan see our 2021 Annual report at:

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