A Cosmic Vision

My reflection began during a reading of the magazine Science & Vie published August 2021 where there was a photograph of the center of our galaxy in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius taken, initially, by the Chandra satellite of NASA equipped with an X-ray telescope. Then, Daniel Wong, astronomer, superimposed another picture of the same region in radio waves taken by the South African radio telescope MeerKAT. The combination of the two wavelengths gives a glimpse of the high energy phenomena that prevail there. We can distinguish gigantic magnetic bridges distributing their energy from the galactic center to the other regions of the Milky Way. All this reminded me of the work of the Supreme Power Centers described in Paper 29 of The Urantia Book.

Energy in all this!

God is not only spirit, he is also energy. It is precisely this image of the center of our galaxy that inspired me to see more clearly the role of the Universe Power Directors, principally their descendants who are active in the universes of time and space, the Supreme Power Centers of the grand universe. They operate in seven groups mentally controlling the whole vast network of functions performed by the Master Physical Controllers and the Morontia Power Supervisors [29:2].

Since the creation of the universes of time and space, the Havona Centers, the second group of the Supreme Power Centers, are now required there, since this event has precipitated Havona into its second age. For the time being, and only in Havona, there is perfect energy control [29:2.12].

On each of the capitals of the seven superuniverses, including Uversa, the capital of our superuniverse Orvonton, there are one thousand Superuniverse Centers, the third group. Three primary energy streams, each of which is subdivided into ten segregations, enter these centers of power, and seven specialized and well-directed, though imperfectly controlled, circuits of power emerge from their seat of unified action. This is the electronic organization of universe power [29:2.13]. These sevenfold circuits of electronic organization reveal a varying sensitivity to local or linear gravity. They are movements of energies directed for specific purposes, analogous to the Gulf Stream, which bathes every superuniverse [29:2.15]. It is these currents of energy I was referring to in the image at the beginning of this text.

Energy, even closer to us

Moving a little closer to our earthly existence, one hundred Local Universe Centers stationed on the headquarters worlds of the local universes operate to reduce and modify in different fashions the seven circuits of power emanating from the headquarters of their superuniverse in order to make them applicable to the services of constellations and systems. In our case, they are stationed on Salvington. They were of great assistance to our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, during the final periods of universe organization and energy mobilization. Imagine the space in our universe traversed by a free, undifferentiated movement of energies, and among them energy corridors connecting two power centers or two physical controllers. These individualized energy circuits are useful for interplanetary communications and the like [29:2.16].

Even closer yet

The fifth order of Power Centers, the Constellation Centers, are ten in number and are stationed in each constellation. They are projectors of energy to the one hundred local tributary systems. From these beings, emerge the lines of power for communication, for transportation, and as a power supply for the living creatures that depend on these physical energies [29:2.17]. I would consider in this last statement the midwayers and the nonbreather beings.

What does this have to do with us?

A Supreme Power Center is permanently assigned to each local system. These system centers send the power circuits to the inhabited worlds of time and space. They coordinate the activities of subordinate physical controllers and also act to ensure the satisfactory distribution of power in the local system. The circuit relays between the planets depend on the perfect coordination of certain material energies and the effective regulation of physical power [29:2.18].

The individual planets are entrusted to the care of the Master Physical Controllers. They receive the circuited lines of power sent from the power centers of their system. With extremely rare exceptions, an unranked center is assigned to a planet because of quite extraordinary energetic relationships, or this unclassified center acts as a universal balancer or energy governor [29:2.19]. One space body in a million fits this case, and I think Urantia is one of them, since it is located near an extremely powerful energy circuit.

What do the Supreme Power Centers have to do with us? I would answer that without them we would not exist! Since everything is energy, everything that makes up our material world, plants, animals, and our bodies, is made of energy that is transformed into atoms, then into molecules and living cells [42:1.2]. The presence of the Master Physical Controllers is always required when Life Carriers plant life on a planet.

Anatomy of a Supreme Power Center

Power centers use vast mechanisms and coordination of a material order in connection with the living mechanisms of the various separate energy concentrations. Each individual power center is composed of exactly one million functional control units, and these energy-modifying units are not stationary like the vital organs of a physical body; these “vital organs” of power regulation are mobile and truly kaleidoscopic in their possibilities of association [29:3.7].

These beings, as well as the physical controllers of which I shall make mention later, are all created perfect and act perfectly. They never change their function. They are entirely practical in all their actions and are always on duty. They deal only with material or semi-physical energy power. They do not emit it, but modify, manipulate, and direct it. They have the power to resist linear gravity. These supreme power controllers always operate from architectural spheres designed to facilitate their operations [29:3.9]. These beings are closely associated in some way with the cosmic overcontrol of the Supreme Being [29:3.3].

The Master Physical Controllers

The Master Physical Controllers are perhaps more interesting for us to know about, since they operate on individual planets like ours. They can metamorphose to engage in a variety of autonomous transports. They can cross space at almost the same speed as the Solitary Messengers, that is to say 1,354,458,739,000 km/s, which is no mean feat! However, like all space travelers, they need the help of their companions and certain other types of beings to overcome the gravity of the planet and the resistance of inertia when they start from a material sphere [29:4.1].

The Master Physical Controllers are of seven orders. The first three are personal, but the last four seem to act rather automatically, but they are superintelligent [29:4.13]. They adjust the undiscovered fundamental energies on Urantia for interplanetary transportation and communications. These energies are also employed by the midwayers [29:4.14].

Orvonton has three billion Deputy Power Directors, three million per minor sector. In addition to their energetic duties, they serve to instruct all those who study the sciences of energy control and transmutation techniques [29:4.16].

Trillions upon trillions of mechanical controllers are commissioned in Ensa, our minor sector. They are by far the most powerful assigned to an inhabited world. They possess the gift of antigravity, surpassing all other orders of beings. Ten of them were stationed on our sphere at the time of The Urantia Book revelations. Their main function is to facilitate the departure of the seraphic transports allowing them to reach the speed of 899,580 km/s [23:3.2]. To do this, they all act in unison, while a coupled series of a thousand energy transmitters provide the initial momentum for departure [29:4.19]. Together or individually, they act on the energy. To get some idea of their functions, they act like our electrical transformers, switches, amplifiers, electronic transistors, etc.

The Energy Transformers usually number one hundred per inhabited world [29:4.22]. They are the planetary inspectors of seraphic departures as well as powerful, living, decisional switches of action. They can also isolate a planet from the powerful currents of energies passing by.

The other four orders of Master Controllers are hardly people as we understand it. Energy Transmitters could be compared to our power lines to direct energy to a new circuit. They place themselves in the desired path, and with their power of energy attraction, they redirect the energy to where it is expected. They can detect a weak current and then amplify it so as to transmit it intelligibly to the broadcast receivers [29:4.29]. They are indispensable, along with the energy transformers, to sustain life on worlds with poor atmospheric conditions, such as those of the nonbreathers [29:4.31].

The Primary Associators are energy conservers somewhat like the plants that store sunlight. They convert the energies of space into a physical state unknown to us. They are living catalysts capable of transformations to the point of producing some of the primitive units of material existence [29:4.32]. They manipulate atoms, electrons, and ultimatons to express different states of matter. They also release energy at deficit moments.

Secondary Dissociators are the opposite of associators. They are endowed with immense antigravitational faculties and are concerned with the evolution of an energy form little known to us at the time of this revelation (nuclear energy?) [29:4.35].

Frandalanks have the function of automatically recording the status of all forms of force-energy, qualitatively and quantitatively. Chronoldeks are frandalanks which additionally record the presence of time [29:4.37].

Far-fetched ideas or not!

In this study, we see that the pure energy of Deity transmutes into many forms and manifestations, not all of which are recognized by us. Whenever we discover the form of energy mentioned in Paper 42:1.3, while hoping our humanity will have reached a high level of wisdom, we will be able to master the energetic rotation of the electrical units of matter to the point of modifying its physical manifestations [42:1.4]. Imagine the unheard-of possibilities this would represent!

If you search The Urantia Book for the word “physical controllers”, you will find no less than one hundred results referring to them. That’s how important they are to a planet’s economy and how essential they are to our existence! We are familiar with the concept of the Father as the perfect spirit, it would be nice to think of him as the energy, life, and support of his vast creation!