3rd European Urantia Conference 2022 

20 to 23 October 2022 

Overcoming Materialism, Enlightening Europe 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  

This year we have prepared a dynamic and unique European Conference intended to be a light for our siblings from the continent. It will be held 20 to 23 October at Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain. 

Data shows that secularism triumphs in Europe and that biblical ideas are not well received.* However, there is a very important nuance: the majority still believe in God. Therefore, is there any opportunity for the teachings of The Urantia Book? Whatever: Let’s take it!  

In this new venture we have a plan. We will dive into the waters of self-mastery to gain a clearer idea of how to become better versions of ourselves. And we will do  this through practice in a series of workshops. 

If experience is a lifetime master, then we will make an effort to move from theory to practice using experiential sessions designed to understand ourselves and to acquire self-control. Our goal is to become better examples for our brothers and sisters and, thereby,   hopefully attract them to the spiritual teachings of the revelation. Do you dare to take the first step? 

Another goal is to take the opportunity to share personal experiences. The COVID pandemic has deprived us of sharing with one another face to face, and this lack of personal contact is what we hope to redeem.  

Then, as a part of this meeting, we will visit one of the oldest centers of worship, the Neolithic site of Antequera’s Dolmens, in southern Spain, where our ancestors began to move humanity towards spirituality.  

In addition, we will engage with the local culture by taking a trip to the vibrant city of Malaga to enjoy its cuisine and sense the beauty of a live guitar performance together: to feel close to each other again! 

This is our opportunity; this is our time. Register now for this next European Encounter and welcome aboard! 

To register and for more information click here: 3rd European Urantia Conference 2022 

Gines Aviles Martinez 
President, Urantia Association of Spain 

* 10 key findings about religion in Western Europe Pew Research center, 2018.