Women’s Retreat

Line St-Pierre PhotoSeptember 10-13, 2015 – Urantia Foundation, Chicago

The Urantia Book informs us that as we are led by the Spirit of God, we are Daughters (Sons) of God.

Have you ever acted upon an inspiration of value that brought you great (spiritual) joy? In their next retreat, “Dancing with God,” four Daughters of God have put together a program in which the participants will explore questions such as:

  • How do we understand and experience the fact that women are the moral and spiritual torchbearers?

  • What is our next evolutionary step as women in upholding and expanding this responsibility?
  • How have we come to know and experience God’s gifts and wisdom expressed by women?
  • How do we become aware of the sacredness of our gifts of body, consciousness and personality?

If you wish to join us, please contact Line St-Pierre line.stpierre@gmail.com for further information.