Urantia University Institute News

Are you looking for an easy, supportive way to start learning about The Urantia Book? 

Then check out UrantiaUniversity Institute’s new program of Self-Directed Study of the individual papers of The Urantia Book. These classes are designed for busy people in any time zone around the world who want to start learning right now!

Selections from Parts I, II, III, and IV will be available by the end of December, with more to come in 2021! Preview the available courses here.

Discover the world’s most advanced and revelatory teachings of the nature of God, the structure and organization of the universe, the different forms and levels of cosmic reality, the myriad orders of divine personalities, and your personal relationship with God.

Learn about the wondrous future that awaits us after death – the mortal ascension journey of progressive spiritual growth and attainment from the mansion worlds of our local system all the way to Paradise at the center of creation.

Uncover the dynamic process of evolutionary, experiential life in the Grand Universe: the divinely coordinated material, mindal, and spiritual outworking of the plan of the Paradise Deities whereby the Universal Father engages in the synthesis of power and personality.

Deepen your understanding of the profound meaning of the life and teachings of Jesus which perfectly demonstrated the way of living wholly in faith-trust in God and doing the will of the Universal Father.  

UUI’s Self-Directed Study provides an opportunity for new and advanced students of The Urantia Book to begin to master the content of individual papers, explore resources, apply knowledge, and actively engage with the meanings and values of the revelation. Here’s a quick tour of what the courses look like.

These free and interactive online courses are available anytime, anywhere, on your desktop or smartphone. Join us today!