Urantia in Medellín, Colombia

Every year at the beginning of March, we hold a conference on a Sunday at the Intercontinental Hotel. The theme of our conference this year was “Science, Religion and Spirituality.” Presentations were held on a variety of topics from The Urantia Book as well as the application of the book’s teachings to our contemporary life.

This year the event was held on March 10, 2019, starting with 35 participants on the terrace of the Citará event room. On this occasion, as in previous years, people from different cities of Colombia came to the conference; they came from Bogotá, Rionegro, Caucasia, Montería, Medellín, among others.

The morning sessions consisted of presentations on the following topics: “Pedagogy of Jesus” by Juan Carlos Franco, “Des-Covering” by Jairo Mosquera, “Mixed Races of the Earth” by Tamila Ragimova, and “The Great Decision” by Javier Chaverra.

In the afternoon, group workshops were scheduled in which the participants were divided into teams of seven people, and everyone one was able to express their opinion about the chosen topic. This year, the theme chosen for all the groups was the same “Thought Adjuster.” There were forty questions for Papers 107 – 111 and each group discussed seven of these questions. At the end of the conference, each group made a presentation of the answers to the questions discussed.

All the participants were happy to share a day in love and friendship, talking about the things of God.