Urantia Life Lessons

A Personal Outreach

I’m Alice Wood and I am the creator of the YouTube channel, Urantia Life Lessons. This is a platform designed to walk people through the teachings of The Urantia Book as they relate to our daily lives.

Being a second-generation student of The Urantia Book, I became aware that children who are raised with the book are exposed first, to the values of the book, rather than the details which are so often overwhelming to people who are not familiar with it. It is those values that I bring forth in a way that I hope is appealing to both long-time and new students of The Urantia Book.

Feel free to share these videos below with anyone you think may benefit from them.

Introduction and Thank You to Urantia Association

Getting inspired to serve and share the teachings. Good things happen when Urantia Association brings people together. Visit their website at www.urantia-association.org.

Heroic Creation of the Soul

Throughout this life and the next, our souls undergo an adventurous evolution from imperfection to perfection. When we consider the magnitude of this objective, and when we appreciate that it is our decisions and fortitude that help us to meet that goal, we begin to realize that we are heroic in the creation of our souls. Jesus, in his early manhood, set the prime example.

Just Try

In life, we don’t always know the way forward, but with one foot in front of the other, and by accepting God’s encouragement, we continue to progress our souls toward perfection.

Save Us In Temptation

The Urantia Book‘s version of The Lord’s Prayer and Pope Francis’ new revised version are brought closer together in meaning.

To Crave Reproof

Why should we crave reproof? It sets us free to be our imperfect selves.

A Panoramic Image

Civilization at the time of Jesus as a metaphor for our expansive universe.