Urantia Hackathon 2020 – an Invitation

You are invited to a day of high-quality creative hacking by agents of progress in the Urantia community!

Zoom Online Sessions 18 July 2020

Watch the Urantia Hackathon – 2020 promo video in English:

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To attend the Zoom online event Register by July 15 at:

Urantia Hackathon 2020 is a Urantia community effort to come together in creative loving service to offer a spiritual response to the coronavirus crisis.

Seven teams with members from more than 18 countries in 4 regions of the world will be hacking practical solutions to post-crisis challenges, inspired by the progressive wisdom of The Urantia Book.

You are warmly invited to join us in witnessing all these hacks being created in a fun and fast-moving environment, and make your opinion count. You will be able to participate via any hacking team’s chat moderator and join the plenary vote for the best hack of the day!

The event will take place online on Zoom Saturday July 18th, 2020 and will run non-stop over 8 hours (from 12:00 to 20:00 GMT). 

If you need to find out what GMT zone you are in, visit   https://bit.ly/UH2020gmt

You can find the event program on:  https://bit.ly/UH2020ep

Facebook page:   Urantia Hackathon 2020