Update – 11th Urantia Association Conference – A Virtual Experience

Towards Cosmic Citizenship… Your Time Has Come!

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately you won’t be able to come to Cusco, Peru but Cusco can come to you in your homes via a virtual unforgettable experience. Don’t miss this upcoming 11th Urantia Association International Conference on 24 – 25 April 2021.

Uniting continents, we will have speakers and workshop ifacilitators of various ages from all over the world with presentations translated into four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese) as well as workshops being provided in those four languages.


Day 1: Sonship with God, Cosmic Citizenship, and Planetary Evolution

Conference Opening
Words from Urantia Association International President – Enrique Traver (Brazil)

Welcoming to Peru & Introduction

How Do Ancient Cultures Provide Opportunities to Inspire Cosmic Citizenship?
by Lourdes Burga-Cisneros – Urantia Peru Association President (Cusco, Peru).

Cusco, Peru, is a site with traces of the blood of Adam and Eve who hoped to spread a spiritual message; whose footsteps we could wisely follow with the help of the Spirit of Truth.

1.1. What is the Core Spiritual Message of The Urantia Book?
by Angie Thurston (Washington D.C, U.S.A)

What does it mean to you to be a son or daughter of God? The Urantia Book’s teachings are very diverse, but the number one spiritual message is that God is a loving and merciful father and that we are all family, no matter what we believe or don’t believe. This core message is the trunk of a tree with many flowering branches. This talk will introduce the listener to how, in these difficult times, we can experience the supreme joy of spiritual truth and its power to transform.

1.2. What is Cosmic Citizenship and How Can We Apply it Practically?
by Jeffrey Wattles (Ohio, USA)

God is spirit, but the Creator works on material and intellectual levels, too. Cosmic citizens establish spiritual goals as their top priority, and The Urantia Book teaches many ways to coordinate, integrate, and unify these levels. This talk will touch on the concepts of cosmic mind (16:6), cosmic truth (2:7), using an example that will help listeners understand how to apply and work effectively as a cosmic citizen with the down-to-earth facts of daily life.

1.3. How Does Humankind Evolve from Primitive Origins to a Glorious Planetary Destiny?
by Elisabeth Callahan (California, USA)

We are on the way to the age of light and life; in that age, we integrate in our lives the positive achievements of all previous ages. A review of these ages helps us understand what happened in the distant past that helps explain the turmoil in our world today.


See at the end of the Program information on how to view the workshop descriptions and how to make your choices as part of the registration process.

Day 2: Cosmic Citizenship, Holistic Personal Growth, and Our Planetary Contributions

The New Urantia Book High-Quality Spanish Revision – Unity, Teamwork, and Advanced Methodological Processes in the Creation of a Referential System for Quality Work.
by Panelists: Anibal Pacheco (Chile), Olga Lopez (Spain), Raul Pujol (Cuba), and Víctor García-Bory (Mexico) 

An interactive panel will discuss a 10-year long journey of challenges, service, teamwork, and friendship, as well as the results achieved.   

2.1. What Are Some Principles of Holistic Personal Growth for Cosmic Citizenship?
by Alejandro Ampudia (Lima, Perú)

Personal growth should be understood as the way to awaken cosmic consciousness and elevate spiritual perception in order to become cosmically mature and balanced beings. There is a set of values that we must acquire faithfully and consistently because they constitute the steps of holistic growth. As we seek for perfection in the love of God, prayer and worship are indispensable tools to move forward on this path.

2.2. How Shall We Design Projects to Promote Planetary Progress as True Cosmic Citizens? 
by Olga López (Barcelona, Spain) & Sebastián Nozzi (Argentinian in Heidelberg, Germany)

How can we help during this difficult and dangerous transition in our planetary history? What great projects for planetary progress are highlighted in The Urantia Book? We may design a contribution to one of these. We may modify a project that we are already working on or join an existing project (teamwork multiplies results).

2.3. What Sources of Spiritual Power Enable Us to Go Forward With Our Goals?
by Emeka Anazodo (Lagos, Nigeria)

The very power or energy that flows from the Deities into all universes, creating and sustaining all things and beings, is the ultimate source of spiritual power. All spiritual power emanates from God, the Universal Father, as he is the First Source and Center of all things and beings. The spiritual power is the quickening effect of all spiritual influences which indwell, surround, and impinge upon us and we need it in order to break through our own resistance and outer obstacles to living spiritual values (166:3.8).

Conference Closing
Passing of the torch to the President of the National Association that will be hosting the next international conference in 2024.


During the registration process you will find the list of workshops and you will be guided how to choose your workshop for each day.

Note that the last 2 hours of each day will be devoted to Workshops. Throughout the conference there will also be some breaks, cultural activities, ways to get to know Cusco, Peru (a virtual tour), and the possibility to interact with others.

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Registration is now open! Although this is a virtual conference via Zoom, for security reasons you will still need to register in advance.

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The conference will be held on Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th April. On both days it will start at Lima/Peru time: 8:30am and end at 4:00pm (16:00). Click UTC for time conversion. Also this table may be useful to help with time comparisons:

Lima (Peru)8:30am to 4:00pm (16:00)
New York City (EDT East Coast USA)9.30am to 5:00pm (17:00)
London (UK)2:30pm (14:30) to 10:00pm (22:00)
Sydney (Australia)11:30pm (23:30) to 7:00am
Jerusalem (Israel)4:30pm (16:30) to 12:00am

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