The Ultimacy of the Master Universe

The four outer space levels that complete the boundaries of the master universe around the nuclear core of the grand universe are destined to eventuate—evolve the Deity level of Ultimacy. This absonite level of the Ultimacy of Deity transcends the time-space constraints that characterize the finite grand universe. That is to say, the absonite transcends the time-space constraints of the finite. This superfinite level is both antecedent to and consequent of the finite progressions of the time-space Deity level of Supremacy. It pre-dates and influences the current universe age of finite Supremacy, and it is post-Supreme responsive to those significant events occurring within the seven superuniverses of the grand universe.

Just as God the Supreme is both spiritually and personally present in Havona, God the Ultimate is also present in Havona in an absonite (superfinite) and superpersonal sense. Whereas God the Supreme is exerting a spiritual influence on the time-space creation of the grand universe, God the Ultimate effects his influence in transcendence of time and space to the outer borders the four outer space levels of the master universe. In the same sense that the emergence of the Supreme Being is the culmination of all evolutionary-experiential reality, the Ultimate is the fulfillment of all transcendental-eventuating reality. God the Ultimate is power-superpersonalizing throughout the master universe.

The Deity level of Ultimacy provides both a guiding blueprint as well as a destiny-controlling objective for the finite creations of Supremacy. In this way, the Ultimate functions to relieve and resolve reality tensions that inevitably occur when existential Deity purposes to create sub-absolute creations. The Ultimate acts as a tension-releasing buffer between the finite creations of the Supreme and the absolute reality of eternity.

God the Ultimate

[Paper 0:II.17, page 4:11]

  • The eventuating God of supertime and superspace
  • The second experiential level of unifying Deity manifestation
  • The attained realization of the synthesized absonite superpersonal, time-space transcended, and eventuated-experiential values co-ordinated on final creative levels of Deity reality

The Ultimate is more than a simple projection onto the transcendental field of the super-Supreme. The Ultimate is self-projecting and time-space-transcending Deity; the Ultimate is an eventuation of new phases of Deity realities. The transcendental level of Ultimacy both precedes and follows the expression of the finite level of Supremacy. The downstepping of the absolute reality of the eternal infinite into the finite realm of time and space must always first pass through the transcendental Deity of Ultimacy, and the elevation of supreme ideals and values to the consummational status of divine perfection must always traverse through the transcendental level of Ultimacy.

Transcendental ultimates are subinfinite and subabsolute, but they are at the same time superfinite and supercreational beyond just a time-space sense. Evolutionary change in the transcendental sense comes about by the process of eventuation. God, as a superperson, eventuates. Transcendental realities eventuate the integration of absolute supervalues with the maximum values of finites. From the finite time-space perspective, transcendentals appear to eventuate as a consequence of finite influence. However, from the eternity viewpoint, transcendentals anticipate the emerging manifestations of the finite realm. For example, when the absonite Architects of the Master Universe eventuate a universal plan, the Supreme Creators act to bring it into existence throughout the realms of time and space.

Transcendental ultimates eventuate universe functions that exceed the simple sum of their component members. Systematic eventuation of multiplex compositions results in more than just a direct relationship of complexity for its component parts. The systematic coordination of the total composition results in an enhancing synergy that eventuates in the revealment of ultimate values and meanings. The Ultimate is a supersupreme eventuation of Deity and a superexperience and superfinite manifestation of God the Ultimate. The Ultimacy of Deity acts to eventuate new universe capacities by transforming undifferentiated potentials into well-defined plans of action on the transcendental level of the Ultimate.