Contents Part 1

The Central and Superuniverses

001. The Universal Father

1. The Father’s Name
2. The Reality of God
3. God is a Universal Spirit
4. The Mystery of God
5. Personality of the Universal Father
6. Personality in the Universe
7. Spiritual Value of the Personality Concept

002. The Nature of God

1. The Infinity of God
2. The Father’s Eternal Perfection
3. Justice and Righteousness
4. The Divine Mercy
5. The Love of God
6. The Goodness of God
7. Divine Truth and Beauty

003. The Attributes of God

1. God’s Everywhereness
2. God’s Infinite Power
3. God’s Universal Knowledge
4. God’s Limitlessness
5. The Father’s Supreme Rule
The Inevitabilities
6. The Father’s Primacy
The benediction

004. God’s Relation to the Universe

1. The Universe Attitude of the Father
2. God and Nature
3. God’s Unchanging Character
4. The Realization of God
5. Erroneous Ideas of God

005. God’s Relation to the Individual

1. The Approach to God
2. The Presence of God
3. True Worship
4. God in Religion
5. The Consciousness of God
6. The God of Personality

006. The Eternal Son

1. Identity of the Eternal Son
2. Nature of the Eternal Son
3. Ministry of the Father’s Love
4. Attributes of the Eternal Son
Omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience
5. Limitations of the Eternal Son
6. The Spirit Mind
7. Personality of the Eternal Son
8. Realization of the Eternal Son

007. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

1. The Spirit-Gravity Circuit
2. The Administration of the Eternal Son
3. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Individual
4. The Divine Perfection Plans
5. The Spirit of Bestowal
Bestowals of the Eternal Son
Bestowals of the Original Michael
6. The Paradise Sons of God
7. The Supreme Revelation of the Father

008. The Infinite Spirit

1. The God of Action
2. Nature of the Infinite Spirit
3. Relation of the Spirit to the Father and the Son
4. The Spirit of Divine Ministry
Creative Daughters
5. The Presence of God
6. Personality of the Infinite Spirit

009. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe

1. Attributes of the Third Source and Center
2. The Omnipresent Spirit
3. The Universal Manipulator
4. The Absolute Mind
5. The Ministry of Mind
6. The Mind-Gravity Circuit
7. Universe Reflectivity
8. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
Functional family of the Third Source and Center

010. The Paradise Trinity

1. Self-Distribution of the First Source and Center
2. Deity Personalization
3. The Three Persons of Deity
4. The Trinity Union of Deity
5. Functions of the Trinity
Finite, absonite, and absolute attitude
6. The Stationary Sons of the Trinity
Justice, evidence, and judgment
7. The Overcontrol of Supremacy
8. The Trinity Beyond the Finite
Limits of mortal destiny

011. The Eternal Isle of Paradise

1. The Divine Residence
2. Nature of the Eternal Isle
3. Upper Paradise
4. Peripheral Paradise
5. Nether Paradise
6. Space Respiration
Unpervaded space
7. Space Functions of Paradise
Midspace zones
8. Paradise Gravity
Force, energy, power
9. The Uniqueness of Paradise

012. The Universe of Universes

1. Space Levels of the Master Universe
2. The Domains of the Unqualified Absolute
3. Universal Gravity
4. Space and Motion
5. Space and Time
6. Universal Overcontrol
7. The Part and the Whole
8. Matter, Mind, and Spirit
9. Personal Realities

013. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise

1. The Seven Sacred Worlds of the Father
(1) Divinington
(2) Sonarington
(3) Spiritington
(4) Vicegerington
(5) Solitarington
(6) Seraphington
(7) Ascendington
2. Father-World Relationships
3. The Sacred Worlds of the Eternal Son
4. The Worlds of the Infinite Spirit
Executive abodes of the Master Spirits

014. The Central and Divine Universe

1. The Paradise-Havona System
Paradise-Havona day
The dark gravity bodies
2. Constitution of Havona
3. The Havona Worlds
4. Creatures of the Central Universe
Havona natives
5. Life in Havona
Monotony and adventure
6. The Purpose of the Central Universe

015. The Seven Superuniverses

1. The Superuniverse Space Level
2. Organization of the Superuniverses
3. The Superuniverse of Orvonton
4. Nebulae — The Ancestors of Universes
5. The Origin of Space Bodies
6. The Spheres of Space
7. The Architectural Spheres
Superuniverse time
8. Energy Control and Regulation
9. Circuits of the Superuniverses
Local universe circuits
10. Rulers of the Superuniverses
11. The Deliberative Assembly
12. The Supreme Tribunals
13. The Sector Governments
14. Purposes of the Seven Superuniverses

016. The Seven Master Spirits

1. Relation to Triune Deity
2. Relation to the Infinite Spirit
3. Identity and Diversity of the Master Spirits
4. Attributes and Functions of the Master Spirits
5. Relation to Creatures
6. The Cosmic Mind
Causation, duty, and worship
7. Morals, Virtue, and Personality
8. Urantia Personality
9. Reality of Human Consciousness

017. The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups

1. The Seven Supreme Executives
Creature-trinitized Sons
2. Majeston — Chief of Reflectivity
3. The Reflective Spirits
4. The Reflective Image Aids
5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits
6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits
7. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits
8. Functions of the Supreme Spirits

018. The Supreme Trinity Personalities

1. The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy
2. The Eternals of Days
3. The Ancients of Days
4. The Perfections of Days
5. The Recents of Days
6. The Unions of Days
7. The Faithfuls of Days

019. The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings

1. The Trinity Teacher Sons
2. The Perfectors of Wisdom
3. The Divine Counselors
4. The Universal Censors
Stationary Sons of the Trinity
5. Inspired Trinity Spirits
6. Havona Natives
7. Paradise Citizens

020. The Paradise Sons of God

1. The Descending Sons of God
2. The Magisterial Sons
3. Judicial Actions
4. Magisterial Missions
5. Bestowal of the Paradise Sons of God
6. The Mortal-Bestowal Careers
7. The Trinity Teacher Sons
8. Local Universe Ministry of the Daynals
9. Planetary Service of the Daynals
10. United Ministry of the Paradise Sons

021. The Paradise Creator Sons

The Original Michael
1. Origin and Nature of Creator Sons
2. The Creators of Local Universes
3. Local Universe Sovereignty
4. The Michael Bestowals
5. Relation of Master Sons to the Universe
6. Destiny of the Master Michaels

022. The Trinitized Sons of God

1. The Trinity-Embraced Sons
Trinitized Sons of Attainment
Trinitized Sons of Selection
Trinitized Sons of Perfection
2. The Mighty Messengers
3. Those High in Authority
4. Those Without Name and Number
5. The Trinitized Custodians
6. The Trinitized Ambassadors
7. Technique of Trinitization
Ascender-trinitized Sons
Paradise-Havona trinitized Sons
Trinitized sons of destiny
8. The Creature-Trinitized Sons
9. The Celestial Guardians
10. High Son Assistants

023. The Solitary Messengers

1. Nature and Origin of Solitary Messengers
2. Assignments of Solitary Messengers
3. Time and Space Services of Solitary Messengers
Seraphic and other space velocities
4. Special Ministry of Solitary Messengers
Trinitized sons of destiny

024. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

1. The Universe Circuit Supervisors
2. The Census Directors
3. Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit
4. The Associate Inspectors
5. The Assigned Sentinels
6. The Graduate Guides
Grandfanda, the first ascender
7. Origin of the Graduate Guides

025. The Messenger Hosts of Space

1. The Havona Servitals
2. The Universal Conciliators
3. The Far-Reaching Service of Conciliators
4. Technical Advisers
5. The Custodians of Records on Paradise
6. The Celestial Recorders
7. The Morontia Companions
8. The Paradise Companions

026. Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe

1. The Ministering Spirits
Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe
Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses
Ministering Spirits of the Local Universes
2. The Mighty Supernaphim
3. The Tertiary Supernaphim
(1) The Harmony Supervisors
(2) The Chief Recorders
(3) The Broadcasters
(4) The Messengers
(5) The Intelligence Co-ordinators
(6) The Transport Personalities
(7) The Reserve Corps
4. The Secondary Supernaphim
Ascenders’ arrival in Havona
5. The Pilgrim Helpers
6. The Supremacy Guides
7. The Trinity Guides
8. The Son Finders
Failure to find Deity
9. The Father Guides
10. The Counselors and Advisers
Assignments of defeated candidates
11. The Complements of Rest
Creature-trinitized sons

027. Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim

1. Instigators of Rest
Nature of rest
2. Chiefs of Assignment
3. Interpreters of Ethics
4. Directors of Conduct
5. The Custodians of Knowledge
6. Masters of Philosophy
7. Conductors of Worship

028. Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses

1. The Tertiaphim
2. The Omniaphim
3. The Seconaphim
4. The Primary Seconaphim
(1) The Voice of the Conjoint Actor
(2) The Voice of the Seven Master Spirits
(3) The Voice of the Creator Sons
(4) The Voice of the Angelic Hosts
(5) Broadcast Receivers
(6) Transport Personalities
(7) The Reserve Corps
5. The Secondary Seconaphim
(1) The Voice of Wisdom
(2) The Soul of Philosophy
(3) The Union of Souls
(4) The Heart of Counsel
(5) The Joy of Existence
(6) The Satisfaction of Service
(7) The Discerner of Spirits
6. The Tertiary Seconaphim
(1) The Significance of Origins
(2) The Memory of Mercy
(3) The Import of Time
(4) The Solemnity of Trust
(5) The Sanctity of Service
(6) and (7) The Secret of Greatness and the Soul of Goodness
7. Ministry of the Seconaphim

029. The Universe Power Directors

1. The Seven Supreme Power Directors
2. The Supreme Power Centers
(1) Supreme Center Supervisors
(2) Havona Centers
(3) Superuniverse Centers
(4) Local Universe Centers
(5) Constellation Centers
(6) System Centers
(7) Unclassified Centers
3. The Domain of Power Centers
4. The Master Physical Controllers
(1) Associate Power Directors
(2) Mechanical Controllers
(3) Energy Transformers
(4) Energy Transmitters
(5) Primary Associators
(6) Secondary Dissociators
(7) The Frandalanks
The Chronoldeks
5. The Master Force Organizers
Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers
Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers

030. Personalities of the Grand Universe

1. The Paradise Classification of Living Beings
I. Triune-Origin Beings
II. Dual-Origin Beings
III. Single-Origin Beings
IV. Eventuated Transcendental Beings
V. Fragmented Entities of Deity
VI. Superpersonal Beings
VII. Unclassified and Unrevealed Orders
2. The Uversa Personality Register
I. The Paradise Deities
II. The Supreme Spirits
III. The Trinity-Origin Beings
IV. The Sons of God
V. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
VI. The Universe Power Directors
VII. The Corps of Permanent Citizenship
Composite Personality Groups
3. The Courtesy Colonies
(1) The Star Students
(2) The Celestial Artisans
(3) The Reversion Directors
(4) Extension-School Instructors
(5) The Various Reserve Corps
(6) The Student Visitors
(7) The Ascending Pilgrims
4. The Ascending Mortals
(1) Planetary Mortals
(2) Sleeping Survivors
(3) Mansion World Students
(4) Morontia Progressors
(5) Superuniverse Wards
(6) Havona Pilgrims
(7) Paradise Arrivals

031. The Corps of the Finality

1. The Havona Natives
2. Gravity Messengers
3. Glorified Mortals
4. Adopted Seraphim
5. Glorified Material Sons
6. Glorified Midway Creatures
7. The Evangels of Light
8. The Transcendentalers
9. Architects of the Master Universe
10. The Ultimate Adventure


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