Sharing The Urantia Book through Webinars

An Amazing Experience

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we are here to tell you about the task that is being performed by Urantia Association International’s Conference Committee, in the organization of webinars for all of Latin America. The committee is chaired by Antonio Schefer, with the collaboration of Tamila Ragimova, Olga López Molina, Flor Robles, Mario Ferreyra, Cesar Paulo Zapelloy and Jeannie Vázquez.

This adventure of study and communion, in the spiritual brotherhood, began on July 12, 2015, with the presentation of Tamila Ragimova, from Colombia, on the theme “Human Races.” These webinars are held via an on-line room in Zoom, of our friends of the Urantia Association of Brazil. These user-friendly online rooms allow the attendees access to webinars from their computer, tablet or cell phone, and allows you to record the meetings in high-quality videos, which we are uploading on the Association’s YouTube channel.

We have had attendees from all the countries in the Americas, as well as from Europe, Japan and Russia. The on-line platform has proven to be a great means of contact, friendship and union between readers resident in different places around the world, providing an opportunity to know each other, to share life experiences, to learn more about the Urantia revelation, and above all things, to enhance our relationship as members of the spiritual brotherhood of our Heavenly Father’s kingdom.

These webinars help us to share different viewpoints about the teachings of The Urantia Book and to enrich and develop a deeper understanding of them so that we may increase our ability to make wise decisions regarding our spiritual growth such as; to come closer to the Father; to do his will with more loyalty; to love him and our brethren more; to enjoy fraternal communion; to know each other better; to strengthen our personal dedication to our spiritual progress; and to serve our siblings. To walk in the clear light of living truth is the purpose that guides us in the service to the community of our brethren, readers and students of The Urantia Book.

As of July, 2016, we have presented 24 webinars on a varied range of subjects, including; “Reflections for Teachers and Believers in the Fifth Epochal Revelation,” presented by Olga López Molina, from Spain; “Realities of the Living Faith – The Method of the Religion of the Spirit,” presented by Jaime Díaz, from Mexico; “The Energy-Matter of Physics and The Urantia Book,” presented by Carmelo Martínez, from Spain; “Reflections on the Religion of the Ideal – Rodan of Alexandria,” presented by Flor Robles, from USA and Mario Ferreyra, from Argentina; “How Jesus Taught,” presented by Andrés Ramírez, from Colombia; “An Effective Way to Serve the Revelation – Teachings of The Urantia Book,” presented by Jeannie Vázquez, from Uruguay; “The Geography as a Support for the Study of History,” presented by Jaime Rey, from Colombia; “The Omnipotence of the Universal Father,” presented by Alfredo Esquivel from, Mexico; “Worship and Meditation: Tools of the Soul,” presented by Mariano Pérez, from Spain.

Our next project will be to hold workshops on the subject, “The Life and Teachings of Jesus” every Sunday in August and September, up until October 9, 2016. During these workshops, we will work to prepare answers to anticipated questions from students who are interested in learning more about Jesus. The aim of these workshops is to assist speakers who will take part in the First Latin-American Urantia Conference in Bogota, answer such questions. This conference will be held in Bogota, Colombia from October 14-17 October, 2016 and the theme will be “The Teacher and The Student.”

Dear friends, we cordially invite you to take part in this cycle of webinars and workshops. For more information about how to access Zoom, and to see the schedule of webinars and themes to be presented, please visit:

To see the webinar videos, please visit:

Everyone is welcome!

Warm and fraternal greetings,
from your siblings and members of Urantia Association’s Conference Committee