San Antonio, USA Conference June 2016

San Antonio Conference



This historic, combined event of the Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS) 2016 National Conference and the Urantia Book Fellowship Summer Study Session 2016 will be held at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. We’re going to study Jesus as the Master Teacher – covering a wide variety of topics exploring his mastery and applying it to our lives. The organization of this event will be sponsored by the Lone Star Urantia Association (the Texas Local Association of UAUS) and the Education Committee of The Fellowship.

In addition, this is an opportunity to visit the great state of Texas and be Texan for a while. Bring your cowboy boots, the cowboy hat you haven’t worn in ages and your Texan spirit to this conference. You’ll have a chance to meet with friends you haven’t seen in a long while and make new friendships while studying and learning about another aspect of Jesus, The Master Teacher. We look forward to seeing you in June 2016!

This year the conference and pre-and post-conference events are held on the beautiful campus of Trinity University. Trinity University is located at 1 Trinity Place, San Antonio TX 78212. Its website at has a virtual tour that you can visit before the conference begins. Trinity is a beautiful university and like most universities is spread out. The dining hall and dormitories are on the “lower campus” and the conferencing areas are on the “upper campus”. Be prepared to do quite a bit of walking this week – wear those comfortable walking shoes when you go to the conferencing events.

All conferencing fees include meals, water breaks/snacks and dormitory rooms. You have a choice of dormitory room which will affect your registration costs. Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner for each of the days you sign up for. All activities are priced for an adult who is considered 13 and above. Children may attend the various activities and are considered 12 and under.

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Below is our contact information if you have any questions about the event or how to register.

Finally, thank you for your attention and response. We look forward to seeing you at this event.


Katrina Glavan-Heise
President – Lone Star Urantia Association
[email protected]