Program – Another 24-Hour Online Urantia Event

We’re In This Together!

Here is the Program for the second 24-Hour Online Urantia Event which will take place starting this Saturday May 2, 2020. (If you live in the United States it actually starts on Friday 1 May at 8:00pm EDT.) Here are the times in 3 major cities of the main regions of the world to help you adjust to your own time zone:

New York: Friday 8:00pm to Saturday 8:00pm
London: Saturday 1:00am to Sunday 1:00am
Sydney: Saturday 10.00am to Sunday 10:00am

This Program is still in development so is incomplete. We will update it as more details emerge.

LondonNew YorkSydneyPresenterPresentation Title
1:00 AM8:00 PM10:00 AMDavid KuliekeThe Affirmations of
a Friendly Universe
2:00 AM9:00 PM11:00 AMTim DuffyDiscerning the Father’s
3:00 AM10:00 PM12:00 PMBenet Rutenberg“God is no Respecter of
Persons.” How do we
understand this today?
4:00 AM11:00 PM1:00 PMBen Bowler,
Pato Banton,
The World Unity
Movement & its
Inspiration from
5:00 AM12:00 PM2:00 PMGeri Johnson“Of all human knowledge,
that which is greatest to
6:00 AM1:00 AM3:00 PMRobert CoenraadsEvolutionary Timeline
(Part 2)
7:00 AM2:00 AM4:00 PMSandra Burga-
A First Step Towards
8:00 AM3:00 AM5:00 PMSebastian NozziAssertiveness “Jesus Style”
9:00 AM4:00 AM6:00 PMIna TerraJesus’ Teaching Methods
10:00 AM5:00 AM7:00 PMGuy Perron,
Agnes Lazar
The Most Intriguing
& Challenging
11:00 AM6:00 AM8:00 PMAde AwoyinkaSharing the Inner Life
12:00 PM7:00 AM9:00 PMEnrique TraverGod’s Time
1:00 PM8:00 AM10:00 PMBarry CulliganBecoming Godlike
2:00 PM9:00 AM11:00 PMAprilhelenCommuning in
3:00 PM10:00 AM12:00 AMMerritt Horn,
Andre Radatus
Is The Urantia Book
4:00 PM11:00 AM1:00 AMGeorges
A Liberating Perspective
on Death
5:00 PM12:00 PM2:00 AMMark HutchingsServing the Revelation
Through Serving
6:00 PM1:00 PM3:00 AMDr James Perry,
Sherry Cathcart
Brotherly and Fatherly Love
During Covid-19
7:00 PM2:00 PM4:00 AMMarilynn KuliekeCultivating the Habit of
8:00 PM3:00 PM5:00 AMVictor Garcia-BoryEducation in The
Urantia Boo
k: Purpose,
Origin, and Destiny
9:00 PM4:00 PM6:00 AMLuis MoralesSelf-control, the Path
to Divinity
10:00 PM5:00 PM7:00 AMGard JamesonPlanetary Angelic Support
During Covid-19
11:00 PM6:00 PM8:00 AMElisabeth Callahan,
Marvin Gawryn
Religious Institutions
& the “Living Organism”
that Jesus Envisioned
12:00 AM7:00 PM9:00 AMMo Siegel,
Chris Wood,
Geoff Theiss
“Presidents’ Hour”
hosted by Gard Jameson

Please join us during any of the above time frames by following this Zoom link: 

Topic: 24 Hour Event
Time: May 1, 2020 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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