President’s Message – June 2020

Two themes of The Urantia Book that stand out to me are the journey to perfection of an individual and the journey to perfection of a global society. As individuals, we are born into a world and get to grow and transform as we learn about the experiential relationships between morality and ethics and duty and service. Our ascension career will be a tapestry of good works as we become more and more perfect in our worlds, just as God is in his. 

As a society, we began as families and slowly grew into tribes, clans, cities, and nations. As we travel and exchange languages, thoughts, literature, and culture, we come to realize the folly of sectarian divides. We are a global family of brothers and sisters united by our material origin and our spiritual destiny.  

In these times of global crises, it becomes more apparent that we are a united family of all humanity. It becomes painfully obvious that neither national boundaries, political philosophies, nor even continental shores truly separate one group from all others. We are all in this together. And just as we take caution against this material virus we can also take spiritual inspiration that the true teachings of Jesus, the unifying Fatherhood of God, and the loving brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity will one day come to light in the heart of every person across the globe.  

Our dual nature necessitates that we serve both our material bodies and our growing morontia souls. We can grow inward spiritually while at the same time growing outward in service to our neighbors. We can mourn the loss of our friends while at the same time celebrating their lives. We can promote physical isolation while at the same time being spiritually motivated, unifying action. 

Urantia Association has redoubled its efforts to bring people together to celebrate and study teachings from The Urantia Book. Online webinars have attracted people from across the world, expanding the voices and perspectives of our groups and bringing into focus our global membership and responsibilities. The importance of local study groups and regional associations has never been more apparent as our members reach out to one another to serve those who are in need and assist our study groups as they shift to digital meeting platforms while the pandemic continues. 

Thank you all for your continued service in spreading the teachings of The Urantia Book in this time of global need. The world is changing and the Urantia community is positioned to help shape the transformation for generations to come.