Urantia Association of the United States

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Welcome to Urantia Association of the United States:

The Urantia Association of The United States (UAUS) is the organizational focus of local Urantia Associations in the United States operating under charters grated by Urantia Association International and licensed by the Urantia Foundation.

UAUS acts as a unifying body bringing together the local associations for the purpose of having representation on an international level. The Representative Council of Urantia Association International is made up of the Presidents of all of the national associations around the world. These representatives vote on organizational issues which affect the entire international body.

UAUS hosts national conferences and also publishes the UAUS Messenger newsletter.
Our organization is guided by the UAI Charter & Bylaws.

US Local Associations:

  • Urantia Association of Alaska
  • Urantia Brotherhood Association of Arizona
  • Northern California Urantia Reader Association
  • Southwest Urantia Reader Family (Southern CA)
  • Colorado Urantia Association
  • Urantia Association of Florida
  • Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association
    (IL, IN, MI, WI) Website
  • Hawaii Urantia Local Association
  • Idaho Urantia Association
  • Urantia Association of Kansas City
  • Minnesota Urantia Association
  • Urantia Association of New England
  • New York/Pennsylvania Urantia Association
  • Urantia Association of Greater New York
  • Ohio Students of The Urantia Book
  • Puerto Rico Urantia Association
  • Spirit of Oklahoma Urantia Association
  • Oregon Urantia Association
  • Southern Kindred Spirits (TN, AL, GA, MS)
  • Lone Star Urantia Association (Texas)
  • Urantia Association of Utah
  • Virginia/Carolina Readers
  • Washington State Urantia Association

Contact Information:

To talk to someone about The Urantia Book, to find other readers in your local area, find study groups or hear about conferences taking place in the United States, please contact:

President, Pio Park
Vice President, Rick Lyon
Treasurer, Janie Whinery
Secretary, Joanne Strobel

UAUS Website