Journal Editorial – December 2015

Suzanne KellyGreetings fellow Journal readers,

In this Edition of the Journal for 2015/2016 we have five remarkable articles on the perspectives of faith to assist us in rounding out 2015 and begin anew 2016 from a global perspective.

Our first edifying piece “The Evolution of the Trinity Concept” is from second time contributor John Zavala, Jr., USA.  John clearly outlines how the idea of the Trinity concept had such a difficult time being understood and accepted by the Muslim belief system in the past and today.  A conversation with his friend initiated this illuminating study, and hopefully his words will provide a little insight and perhaps some reception to this revelation. Studying Islamic history reveals that their monotheistic zeal for the one God Allah so eclipsed the Trinitarian teachings of 6th century Christian missionaries that though their efforts to eradicate these doctrines, which were perceived as threatening to their ideology, ultimately created an antagonism effect against the three in one idea.

The Eternal Quest,” our second article is from Guy Perron, Canada.  It is an intricate report on his experience at the sixth World Parliament of Religions held in Salt Lake City Utah in 2015.   So, here we are, 10,000 religionists from more than 80 countries and 50 different faith paths gathered for this extra-ordinary event, the sixth Parliament of World Religions, held in Salt Lake City, Utah for five days, from October 15 to 19 for. The first Parliament which is now recognized as the occasion of the birth of formal interreligious dialogue worldwide was held in 1893 in Chicago; it was the brainchild of the Swedenborgian layman and judge Charles C. Bonney.  Guy’s recounting of this spiritual conclave should encourage anyone who can make the trip to get to the next one. After this experience, is there within me a feeling that I had a foretaste of the Mansion Worlds? Well, I have never been there but if I reflect on the Parliament and combined it to what we are told will happen on the first two Mansion Worlds where many physical and intellectual elements will be rectified, I would say most likely.

Our third contributor, Michael Hanian, Russia, shares with us a presentation he made at the last UAI conference in 2015 entitled, “Cultivating Mind: Choosing the Right Tool; A personal account of faith as a tool of mind cultivation.”  In this presentation Michael recalls his decision …to read The Urantia Book and allow it to bear fruit in his life.  He also discovered what I feel is one of the most incredible revelations regarding creativity.   Being a composer, I found the idea of creativity to be the most appealing to me. For creativity is ultimately calling into being a new reality. And that is something that makes us, if not creators, then at least co-creators.  In this presentation he awards us with his living words of faith over fear and—leaves us with words to live by, it is an essential part of our development, both as mortals and in eternity, to build strong character and unshakable faith.

Bart Gibbons, USA, is next and in his “With Respect to Adversity” he asks the question all of us at one time or another has wanted an answer to How do the teachings help us respond when we are shattered by devastating and unexpected tragedy or our own misguided efforts causes suffering and despair in our daily lives? Bart give us examples on how to deal with just about everything this world can throw at us, one of my favorites—and one that I’ve become familiar with is Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Will Rogers.  Ok, that one was from Will Rogers, but second in line, which totally made my day is …

The career of a God-seeking man may prove to be a great success in the light of eternity, even though the whole temporal-life enterprise may appear as an overwhelming failure, provided each life failure yielded the culture of wisdom and spirit achievement. [Paper 160:4:16, page 1780:2]

Thanks Bart!

Our Final article to send you into 2016 with hope, happiness and faith, from Australia, is part two of Verner Verass’ “The Door is Open, Let Whosoever Will, Come.”  Beginning with the consummate invitation he extends his welcome to each of us to accept the gift of eternal life and the ever increasing capacity for joy of existence…true adventure!  Who can say no to the adventure of eternal life?  Utilizing the encouraging words of Jesus, Vern convinces us all to embrace the ticket of faith, that To follow Jesus is to believe not merely in him but in the father who sent him. The person who sees Jesus sees the Father.   A promise of life in abundance for “whosoever will.”

Suzanne Kelly

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