Jean Royer Graduation

Jean Royer, one of the Association’s most long-standing and dedicated French translation volunteers graduated from Urantia on the 5th of February, 2018 at the age of 78 years. He passed away in the evening in the hospital of Avignon (South of France.)

Jean had been exposed to the teachings of The Urantia Book (Le Livre d’Urantia) in the early 1960’s and became a strong supporter of the revelation. He contacted J. Weiss and started corresponding with him about the French translation. At the end of the sixties, Jean contacted my father, Jacques Dupont, and they became very close friends, visiting one another, sharing the teachings, writing articles and organizing study groups in their respective areas.

In the seventies, the relationship between a small group of French readers and Urantia Foundation/Urantia Brotherhood grew more and more; Jean attended several meetings and retreats in Recloses during the times of the revelation’s pioneers such as the Kendals, the Hales’, Martin Myers, Berkeley Elliot, the Begemans and many other Americans when visiting the Weiss and/or the Duponts. It was during these meetings that Marlène and I met Jean and developed a strong life-long friendship.

In 1978, Jean joined Jacques Dupont and Fernand De Vink, the team working on the revision of the French translation that was published in 1994. As a result of this collaboration a real fraternity between these three men was born. The revision was an opportunity to share meanings and values on the soul level, supported by the Spirit of Truth and their respective Thought Adjusters. Living long distances from one another, they used to meet at my father’s house quarterly over sixteen years to discuss revision issues that were problematic. Decisions were always made by consensus. I had the opportunity to join the team in the late 1980’s and I really enjoyed this authentic fellowship imbued with respect and mutual love.

Jean joined C.E.R.D.H., the first French association of readers (1978-1994) and became a contributor to the newsletter La Lettre, published in French and English. C.E.R.D.H was also the distributor of Le Livre d’Urantia in Europe until the creation of the French office of Urantia Foundation in 1994.

Jean was an active participant in the planning and preparation of the various international conferences organized in France by the C.E.R.D.H in the ‘80s and ‘90s. He was both the translator of study texts and the French-English interpreter during plenary session and workshops. In 1986, C.E.R.D.H became A.F.L.L.U., the French National Urantia Association of which Jean was a founding member.

Professor of English by profession, Jean was a scholar of The Urantia Book; he participated in the translation of the two red books by William Sadler Jr. (i.e. A Study of the Master Universe and its Appendices) and did many translations for Urantia Association’s newsletter in French and other Urantia publications.

On a personal level, Jean was a “Bon Vivant;” smoking a pipe and drinking good quality wine. He had a legendary and much appreciated sense of humor. While being modest and reserved, he was very appreciated in study groups for his deep knowledge of The Urantia Book and his profound insights. He never spoke to say nothing. Erudite, multi-linguist, cultivated in astronomy and science, he remained a true student of The Urantia Book, always open to others’ ideas. For many of us he was a valuable resource person.

Jean had a balanced temper, never impatient or angry, always showing an interest and empathy to others. Weakened by an illness, he never complained but asked to graduate to the mansion worlds with dignity which he did.

Jean’s graduation marks one of the last French pioneers of the Urantia movement to leave the planet.

Thank you, Jean for being such a loving and inspiring brother. See you soon.