Italian Conference Report

italian-conference1Survival of the Human Self

7 to 9 October, 2016

In a quiet hotel on the shores of Lake Garda, which was our panorama during the sessions, we had met our Italian Urantia neighbours for the second time on the initiative of our dynamic Danielle La Scala, whose abilities as a translator are astonishing. Apart from Danielle and three non-Urantians, there were three French people (Georges and Marlène Michelson-Dupont and Ivan Stol), two Swiss (Doris Calmel and Guy de Viron) and six Italians (Nirvana and Deanna Bussadori, Maria Dolores Novati, Alberto Dujela and Serena Zaganelli), and the European co-ordinator Antonio Schefer.

The discussions on the topic of “Survival of the Human Self” gave us a chance to clarify many questions on the existential issues of “who will survive” and “the true choice of survival.” Likewise, “how to live with other people,” “what is love,” “doing the will of God,” and “becoming perfect” were dealt with making use of Georges’ expert practice in guiding discussions.

italian-conference3The question was raised with the Italians about their wish to maintain one or several permanent groups. The recurring problem of distance came up again. The next gathering is envisaged for Bologna, a city not too far from most of the Italian readers.

It must also be mentioned that this meeting encouraged Maria Dolores to create a study group at Desenzano with slightly fewer than ten readers, while Nirvana had created one following the Congress last year.

Let us also say that these charming people are potentially capable of making this revelation come alive in their own countries, once the precious and greatly appreciated assistance of the French participants has enabled them to organize themselves.