Iloilo Urantia Book Readers in the Philippines

Iloilo Urantia Book Readers at Misono Restaurant March   21MAr15This is a recent picture taken at Misono restaurant in Jalandoni Jaro, near SM City Mall, Philippines, with Iloilo Urantia Book readers. Some were not able to attend due to some very important activities (graduations) but promised to attend the next time.

We met that afternoon and – as with any first meeting – we shared own personal experiences with The Urantia Book until we parted. They are all looking forward to another meeting this time with other potential, interested readers of The Urantia Book (we received many inquiries when we posted the picture on Facebook). I hope before I go back to the United States, I can have one or two more meetings until I form a Study Group as I had before.

In the picture (from L-R): Ed Armonio, Rey Daguman, an acquaintance whom I introduced to The Urantia Book so many years ago and who was very glad to have a personal copy; Rodel Suriaga, a new reader; Dr. David Deza, a dentist who requested I bring him The Urantia Book from my next visit to the United States; and Ma Lisa Montero, a long time Truth Seeker (a Theosophist) who was looking forward to having her own personal copy of The Urantia Book and her dreams came true.

Some of their expressions upon receiving The Urantia Book:

“My deepest gratitude for giving me the chance to open again The Urantia Book.”
“I truly know the will of the Father is very alive in each one of us.”
“Looking forward to deepening [our understanding] of The Urantia Book.”
“All I had been searching for was found!”
“Thank you, Jesus, for your Holy Spirit!”

Ed Armonio