Rules for Engaging Spiritual Discussions via Social Media


It is understood that discussions on Urantia Association International’s Social Media are open to all manner of cosmological, philosophical and religious thoughts relating directly to the Fifth Epochal Revelation. The Urantia Book is the focus for these discussions.

All are welcome to this site and encouraged to participate in the free flow of ideas concerning the truths in the Urantia Papers.

With the advent of the internet’s social network capabilities, local Urantia Book study groups took a tremendous leap. Not only did this potentially unite them, but included a much larger audience, worldwide in fact! Thanks to these online exchanges worldwide, the study never stops! Even during lulls, visitors can peruse past threads to their heart’s content.

The guidelines presented here are the rules and principles that provide guidance for socially accepted interactions and behavior as per the concepts in the Urantia Papers.  


As Urantia Association International’s mission is to foster the study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings, our purpose as faith sons of our Heavenly Father, is to keep The Urantia Book on the top shelf of human thought by engaging in discussion on the uplifting truths contained in the book.

The aim of this site is for participants to be exposed to the truths contained in The Urantia Book by providing an arena for the free expression of philosophic ideas concerning the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our planet.

Discussions here are to be true to the spirit of Jesus as we share our highest truths in an effort to uplift and encourage one another in our study of the book.

The Urantia Papers mention that respect must be earned. It has been proven that bringing love onto social sites instead of expecting love is the way to avoid disappointment. 


Jesus’ commandments are the guidelines for Spiritual Discussions on Urantia Association International’s social media sites:

  1. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all men and women.
  2. Love God with all your heart, mind, strength, and your neighbors as yourself.
  3. Love one another, even though we may not necessarily think alike, or always accept what others do.
  4. Treat others with your highest concepts of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.
  5. Be tolerant, long suffering, and be quick to forgive while exchanging with your fellows.

Above all, let us use this love in our dealings with one another and treat each other as we know Michael of Nebadon would treat us, even as he exemplified how the Father in heaven treats all of His children. 


Short, concise three or four sentence posts are found to be read more and are preferred over lengthy multiple-paragraph quotes. References are required for validation.

Personal experiences are more dynamic and invigorating than long strings of quotes, paragraph after paragraph. Long posts and comments are passed over, and many are not even read! 

The Five Content Rules

  1. Use TRUE Words

When posting a quote, no matter the source, it is up to the poster to ascertain that it is exactly correct. All quotes should be clearly differentiated from any and all personal comments, opinions or additions.

  1. Use BEAUTIFUL Words.

Truth Beauty and Goodness are the hallmarks of good religious discussions.

  1. Use GOOD Words

Profanity is a lazy mind trying to express itself forcefully.

  1. Use INSPIRING Words

Any disagreements shall be only over concepts and ideas that individuals find in the Urantia Papers. If a discussion becomes personal it shall be conducted in private, away from group discussion. There are many options to privately message, chat and even email personal conversations. Keep your spiritual discussions sweet and clean!

  1. Use KIND Words

Concepts and philosophies are fair game but personal assaults or attacks on another’s religious beliefs are unacceptable behavior on this site. 


Individual spiritual participation with Jesus’ spirit is the only way such diverse free will mortals can engage in deep intellectual thinking without falling into disarray.

There are bound to be differences of opinion, because as spirit led sons of God, we are bound by spiritual unity, not uniformity of thought!

Rebellious assaults in any form are prohibited, such as:

  1. Contentious baiting for arguments sake
  2. Name calling
  3. Personal attacks

It is expected that participants will help in order to prevent disorder if this site is to persevere as a free arena for deep meaningful discussions.

The act of posting cannot and should not be inhibited. After the fact is where the rub lies. Feelings can get ruffled when uncomfortable concepts are trumped by truth. Differing cultures and levels of maturity, intellect and wisdom are bound to cause friction. But isn’t that what we are here for; for growth? Attitudes should change for the better after spiritual discussions! 

Posting Efficiently

A suggestion would be to type posts in a good word processor beforehand. This should catch grammar and spelling errors to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. This technique also allows for reflective thinking, being somewhat ‘separated’ from the active social media page.

When pasting posts or statements make sure it is into the correct place.

After placing content in the social medium then the words can be reread for any additional corrections or clarifications before actually posting. 

Corrective Actions

We must not take sides concerning disputes between participants. If sides are not taken by administrators or participants most serious disagreements dissipate.

Trusting that spiritual discussions will be self-regulating comes from the truths in the Papers. If any overbearing human ‘over-ruling authority’ is detected, the flow of free expression is altered away from the free flow and exchange of ideas.

The ideal is for the poster to remove their objectionable content.

Any actions agreed upon by the Administrator/Moderators must be presented to the offender as an opportunity to ‘self-correct’. Otherwise the Moderators reserve the right to remove any content deemed unproductive to the free flow of good ideas or that are seriously objectionable as per these rules and guidelines.