Ground Transportation To & From Airport

2015 Urantia International Conference

Transportation from Montreal Airport to Bishops University

If you arrive by plane to Montreal, there are a many ways to travel from the Montreal Airport to Bishops University where the 2015 Urantia International conference will be held. Because of the distance between the airport and the conference venue (175km/108 miles), we had to choose and offer you different transportation methods that would be simple and efficient without extending your waiting period at the airport.

These are the methods of transportation we have found, Aero-Shuttle, car rental, and a local transportation service. While some of these are cheaper than others, they might increase your time of travel while not being as comfortable as a direct shuttle.

All prices are in Canadian dollar, so if you come from the US you could save as much as 20% on the exchange of money.

Direct Shuttle

2015 Ground Trans - Shuttle

The recommended transportation option is the direct shuttle. It takes you directly from the airport and drops you at the conference location. There is a very small waiting time as shuttles leave the airport at every hour. In order for you to use this method, you will need to fill out and submit a reservation at Aeronavette Reservations. You will have to provide them with your flight arrangement so they can pick you up on time. The price is $120cdn per person for roundtrip (to the venue and back) or $90cdn one way.

Local Bus Transportation System

The cheapest method is the local bus system, in order to use it, you need to take two buses, one from the airport to the Montreal downtown bus terminal and than another bus to the city of Sherbrooke, and then a 15 minutes taxi ride to the conference venue. Here are the links to the bus system and prices.

2015 Ground Transport

For information on the bus from the airport to the central bus terminal in Montreal,
click on the picture.

2015 Ground Trans - limocarFor information on transportation from the Sherbrooke bus terminal to the venue, click on this picture.

We will inform you if we will be able to provide transportation from the bus terminal in Sherbrooke to the conference venue.

Car Rental

You can also rent a car, especially if you have more than one person this could be cheaper and more convenient if you do not mind driving. Here are the prices to rent a car at the airport, if you take that option. We suggest strongly you reserve in advance so you have the car you want at the time of your arrival. Car rental cost is about $220cdn for 4 days and can accommodate more than 2 persons.

Click on picture to reserve your car.   2015 Ground Trans - Car Rental



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