Global Member Survey 2018

Our Membership Committee at Urantia Association International gladly invites you to participate in our “Global Member Survey” which will be launched during the first quarter of 2018.

Following is a sample of the questions that will be part of the survey, which will be tailored country by country to better respond to your specific needs:

  • What made you choose to be a member of Urantia Association International? 
  • What drives you to be part of the Association? Do you feel part of our international family? 
  • Are we serving you well at the international level? What can we do to help you more?
  • What can leaders in your country and city do to serve you and meet your expectations better?
  • How can we engage more effectively with younger readers and truth-seeking friends in your community?
  • Would you be interested in participating more actively in our outreach programs or international activities and projects? 

The survey will give us a unique opportunity to start a conversation with you and use your valuable opinions, ideas and suggestions to keep our focus on our most important objective: to constantly improve the way we serve you.

Your responses to this survey will be anonymous and collected centrally by the Membership Committee of the Association. Feedback to our leaders and volunteers will be provided on a no-name basis and all the information you give us will be used to improve how we communicate with and support our independent and institutional members in every continent.

If you have any questions or suggestions about other aspects that the survey should include, please send them to Luis Garcia-Bory, Membership Chair [email protected] by 31st December.

We thank you in advance and very much look forward to your participation!

Wishing you an enjoyable holiday season,

Luis Garcia-Bory,
Membership Committee Chair