French National Meeting

The annual gathering of the AFLLU (French-Speaking Urantia Association) for 2017 took place recently, which included a program with the theme, The Influence of the Spirit of Truth on Each One’s Spirituality. 

 Along with the program, a business meeting took place, addressing the situation of the association, our help for the African French speakers, and the renewal of the governing board. Sixteen members were present (out of 41) with 8 non-affiliated readers.

The Spirit of Truth:

The sphere of his/its influence is difficult to understand for Urantia Book students because it is hard to differentiate from the ministry of the angels and the Adjuster. The term ‘Comforter’ is helpful but the examples of the apostles, who gained renewed energy to go off courageously with the announcement of the kingdom of God, do not supply much light on what changes this bestowal really brings about.

The fact that evolution has accelerated since then on both social and technological fields seems to show that this influence is mainly to be found in the greater courage to fight for legitimate and reliable values and discoveries. But these values and discoveries are apparently due to other influences which prompt us to exercise better judgment and to better use our intellectual powers (Adjuster, Angels).

The result of this study is that a person who really wants to evolve must first use his or her complete intellectual abilities (theSeven Adjutant Mind-Spirits) and discernment (personality) so as to reach the highest level of perception (cosmicconsciousness). Then the diverse spiritual helpers can efficiently add their influence to guide (Angels), actualize (Adjuster) and confirm (Spirit of Truth).

However, it is to be noted that, owing to the fact that it is the Divine Minister who is in charge of the bestowal of this Spirit of Truth, the direct connection with the superior Adjutant Mind-Spirits is a certainty.

Business Meeting:

The situation of the French Association is that we are not growing as we would like for several reasons, but this is not a unique problem.    

In France, it has been difficult to make The Urantia Book known. Due to highly publicized cult activities in the past, there is fear of being labeled as members of a sect, as they did a lot of harm in our country, not to mention the dark past of the CatholicChurch and the scandals nowadays. 

Some members are unsure about using the term ‘leaders’ due to fear of dogmatism, and of the creation of a new religion. As with readers everywhere, authority is rejected and only the concept of groups without “scholars” is accepted. 

But today’s youths need new ideals, evolving and open, and because they received a materialistic education, they are not in touch with the invisible realities. 

So, on one hand, Europe is awakening, as is French-speaking Africa, and on the other hand, France struggles to do the same.

Nevertheless, we continue to have faith and pay attention to any service opportunity that will allow us to surf again on the wave, as the lowest ebb always gives way to the higher tide.


Our Association is keen on renewing our activities again with this part of the world. Not few are the difficulties, and the means of communication are still poor today, but a good study of the problem should show valid solutions to help these people find a spiritual renewal appropriate to their aspirations.

It is a long-term endeavor, which must neither be forgotten nor precipitated.

As a beginning, we gave a laptop and a data link (connection to Internet) to Guy Stephane, a Cameroonian, to help him, and the people around him, to better their communications.

But material help is not what matters most. All around the world, not just in France, people must stay loyal to the highest ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty, and to share whenever they can the message that we are all children of a loving God.