Fourth 24-hour Urantiathon – Faith, Joy, and Peace

Image de Gerd Altmann

As the Coronavirus lingers—keeping many of us locked down in isolation—we felt it was time to bring our Urantia Book reader community together again to nourish our souls and discuss our favorite book. Another incredible 24-hour virtual event was held over the weekend of 24 – 25 January where we enjoyed presentations from around the world and engaged in stimulating discussions. With Faith, Joy, and Peace being our topics of focus, this experience was spiritually uplifting and soul nourishing. We were even treated to a preview of the program for the virtual International Conference in Peru this April with the theme Towards Cosmic Citizenship—Your Time Has Come.   

One of the exciting additions recently added to our Zoom meetings is the ability to provide simultaneous translations—most particularly for English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It’s a very easy feature to use; participants simply need to select the language channel from the task bar and choose the language they wish to hear. We are truly grateful to those amazing translators who served tirelessly for hours at a time to make it possible for more people to experience the diversity of presenters and their presentations given in different languages.  

If you were unable to attend, missed anything, or simply wish to revisit a presentation, you can view the recordings in the video section of our Facebook page at:  

Also, the presentations are gradually being uploaded to our YouTube channel. (If they are not all there yet please be patient as it takes a lot of editing work by a volunteer to break them up into the 1-hour segments.) Go to: and click on the Playlist with the title “24-Hour Urantiathon—Faith, Joy, & Peace.” 

Thank you again to all of those loyal and industrious volunteers who worked in front of, and behind, the scenes to make this event happen.