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    online classes.

    #1001: General Overview of The Urantia Book
    Discover some of the major themes and truths that run through The Urantia Book, and build a foundation for comprehending the vast portrayal of spiritual, mindal, and physical reality revealed in The Urantia Book. (4 weeks) March 16-May 18, 2019
    Class meets online every Saturday from1:00-3:00 p.m. Pacific time

    #1002: Perspectives on Urantia Book Study – Frames of Reference for a Revelation
    Learn about frames of reference and ways of studying The Urantia Book (or any book) with greater awareness of the factors which affect perception and understanding. This class assists students in developing critical thinking skills. (4 weeks) ?

    #1003: An Overview of Part I
    This class explores some of the major concepts and cosmology presented in Part I as well as the culminating experiences of man’s ascending, spiritualized soul as he progresses Paradiseward. (4 weeks) ?

    #1004: An Overview of Part II
    Delve into the origin, structure and purpose of our Local Universe of Nebadon and learn about the magnificent divine Creators who brought it into existence along with countless numbers of celestial beings to run it and minister to mortal beings like us who ascend through its 570 levels of progressive existence as we transition from material to morontia to spirit form. (4 weeks) ?

    #1005: An Overview of Part III
    Take an exciting journey through human and planetary evolution and discover more about humanity’s origin, purpose and destiny; learn about Thought Adjusters, the soul, personality survival and the Seraphim; and delve into the Supreme, the Oversoul of creation.
    (6 weeks) Fall 2019

    #1006: An Overview of Part IV
    This class provides an intimate look at the divine origin and human existence of Jesus as revealed in Part IV of The Urantia Book and affords a penetrating and useful analysis of Jesus in his role as a surrogate father to his siblings. (4 weeks) Fall 2019

    #1008: A Study of the Foreword to The Urantia Book
    The Foreword defines the spiritual and cosmological terms and concepts that form the basis for the revealed truths contained in subsequent papers. In this class students will survey these terms and concepts closely to build an understanding and comprehension that will greatly deepen their appreciation for the subsequent papers and stimulate more profound future studies. (9 weeks) ?

    Many UUI classes may be taken in one of two ways:
    Participant or an Auditor.

    The Topical Study classes give students an opportunity for intermediate-level and advanced study of The Urantia Book. Well-versed instructors guide students through an in-depth exploration of certain themes or concepts presented in The Urantia Book.

    UUI also offers experiential courses in Spiritual Living designed to support the “development of a majestic and well-balanced personality” (195:10.17) through the integration of a person’s “thinking, feeling, and doing” functions.

    All of UUI’s curriculum reflects our underlying mission to facilitate the process of intellectual and spiritual transformation from material self-consciousness to higher levels of soul and God-consciousness.


    I do attend several classes and enjoying majors concepts studies. I do enjoy brotherhood immersion via online sessions and I found there deeper inspiration thinker persons.


    p.s. unable to not acknowledged gratitude and praise towards Nigel and inspiration follow-up with Mara whom help me compose better posts.


    Dear André,

    I see what you mean on your title of this thread.  You are unable to create a new thread in “Online Urantia Book Study Groups” in this section:

     The Urantia Book Study Group

    For studying selected papers of The Urantia Book

    I think I myself tried to post a thread several years ago and was unsuccessful, so I gave up.   :-)   Looks like this one does work and has a dialogue box to start a new thread:

    Study Aids & Resources

    For sharing Study Aids & Resources relating to The Urantia Book


    You are welcome André.

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