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    Interesting article in “The Atlantic” magazine (2020-03-15, Katherine Harmon Courage and Quanta).

    Byline: “Scientists have struggled to develop new antibiotics. Enter: the machines.”

    An Unexpected Ally in the War With Bacteria


    That was an interesting article, which among other points, highlighted an antibacterial compound called “halicin”. But until that drug is affordable & easily accessible, and has been well tested, holistic practitioners recommend ingesting plenty of (low or no sugar) prebiotics & prebiotics (such as Kombucha) to replenish the “good” bacteria (which traditional pharmaceutical antibiotics destroy) in the intestinal tract. In fact, researchers have learned that a healthy immune system is dependent on a healthy digestive tract. That article also wisely (but barely) mentioned the value of proper nutrition, PH (meaning adopting good dietary and emotional habits that produce a less acidic/more alkaline body chemistry) and increasing our oxygen levels via deep breathing, cardiovascular exercises, and proper sleep (ideally at night). Also add good personal hygiene to that list of recommendations. (All of that advice is also helpful when trying to overcome viral infections. I know from personal experience that such advice can be quite helpful.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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