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    This is a reminder that the 10th Session of the Workshop “Leadership and Teaching According to The Urantia Book” is happening next Saturday, November 18th, starting at 12:00 pm EDT USA (10:00 am Arizona, 11:00 am Central Time USA, 11:00 am Guatemala, 2:00 pm Uruguay, 12:00 pm Lima, 5:00 pm Ireland, 6:00 pm Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna)

    Link to the virtual Zoom room: Saturday Speaker: Jeffrey Wattles
    Jeffrey sends you all this message:
    It was good to see you last week.
    On November 18, we will discuss principles of teaching. In preparation, please read this document:, to which I have just added the following paragraphs to the introduction:
    In our efforts to grow as teachers, I suggest that we are striving to become like the Eternal Son and the Creator Son, who reveal truth to the soul, and the Infinite Spirit, who reveals truth to the intellect through the cosmic mind and the adjutant mind spirits.
    In his discourse on sonship and citizenship, Jesus directed fifty close followers regarding their priorities. The following quote integrates these two phases of teaching.
    Remember that you are commissioned to preach this gospel of the kingdom — the supreme desire to do the Father’s will coupled with the supreme joy of the faith realization of sonship with God — and you must not allow anything to divert your devotion to this one duty. Let all mankind benefit from the overflow of your loving spiritual ministry, enlightening intellectual communion, and uplifting social service; but none of these humanitarian labors, nor all of them, should be permitted to take the place of proclaiming the gospel. These mighty ministrations are the social by-products of the still more mighty and sublime ministrations and transformations wrought in the heart of the kingdom believer by the living Spirit of Truth and by the personal realization that the faith of a spirit-born man confers the assurance of living fellowship with the eternal God. (178:1.11/1932.2)
    I propose that this paragraph and the phrase “enlightening intellectual communion” combine the functions of speaking to the intellect and do the soul. When Jesus taught the best of the religious teachers in Rome, he would select the truth in what they taught, then embellish (add beauty to it by expanding it intellectually) and illuminate it (spiritually).
    In teaching, as in every other activity, it is often wise to mobilize our powers of mind and soul before activating our physical energies.
    Until soon,
    Objectives of the online Workshops:
    • Analyze and understand the instructions of the Publication Mandate. Determine which aspects of The Urantia Book’s teachings are related to the Mandate’s instructions.
    • Study and understand The Urantia Book’s teachings with the goal of becoming a more effective leader and teacher of the Urantia revelation.
    • Study and understand The Urantia Book’s teachings about the integration of our spiritual and intellectual development—true human progress.
    • Study and understand the meanings and methods of the spirit of religion as portrayed in The Urantia Book.
    • Apply the teachings of unfailing, loving and effective service to all the humanity.
    • Foster friendship and collaboration among students and servants of the revelation.
    Free admission – No registration needed.
    Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you know might be interested. Thank you very much!

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