Focus on the Father

“Make Daily Deposits and Withdrawals from the Bank of God’s Infinite Love”

There is simply no room for anger or vengeance in my God; there is no space for pitiful projections of human imperfections. Such a faith attitude infinitely expands the goodness I can perceive in my Creator. It unlocks the truth my Father wants to share with me. It reveals the beauty that unfolds before me in the living universe.

The divine goodness humbles me. The eternal truth beckons to me. The infinite beauty astonishes me. These revelations swell my soul, the embryo of personal realization.

The more truth, beauty, and goodness I realize, the more my soul grows in appreciation and capacity for the lovely personality of God. This currency of love is the heavenly medium of exchange in divine relationships; friendship and service are the earthly fruits of God’s cosmic cultivating, and all relationships are divine in potential. “Love is the desire to do good to others.”

Spiritual progress then, is our response to the invitation: To be found with fully outstretched arms to receive the love freely given. Soon, if we pursue these riches, our spiritual vault—managed and guarded by our indwelling spirit of God—becomes filled. This happy status encourages sharing the wealth!

Reluctance to love our imperfect fellow humans will melt as the spiritual light dispels our stingy shadows. We discover that communion with our Creator guarantees direct deposit of divine love. And we come to know that the key which unlocks the infinity bounty of our Father’s intimate affection is to simply love him with all our heart.

The reciprocal exchange between a mortal person and an immortal person­—divine love for human love—commences the moment our gratitude and adoration are focused with fiery joy as we step up to the worship window to transact our holy business.