Finnish Summer Conference Report, 2018

Theme: We Have Been Summoned to Eternal Life

Once again, the Finnish Urantia Book readers held their annual summer conference, hosted by the Urantia Association of Finland 9–10 June 2018 at the Lautsiala Resort, Hauho. Over 30 of us gathered, the weather was lovely and the resort was a beautiful place to hold the meeting. The weekend began with touching live music and singing.

There were several presentations. Ben, aged over 90, reflected on the last 100 years in Finland tying its history to The Urantia Book. He ended his presentation saying, “Whenever we want we can move to a time of life and light.”

There were presentations on “Eternal Life in the Universe” and “Belief and to Believe” concentrating on the personal relationship with the Father.

There was also a personal presentation on “Eternal Life Begins Already in One’s Mortal Form” in which the speaker spoke of her personal growth with the help of The Urantia Book. All in all, the book is an excellent “travel guide” on our way towards eternal life.

In between the presentations we went on nature-walks and discussed our thoughts that were aroused by the presentations. In the evenings we enjoyed sharing lively discussions with one another as we had saunas and went swimming.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Sebastian Nozzi into our midst. Sebastian is the newly appointed European Continental Coordinator for Urantia Association International. His presentation focused on the growth of study groups, the person-to-person spreading of the teachings and working together with other teams of readers throughout Europe. His message was excellent and very much in accordance with Article 2 of the Association’s Charter. Thank you once again Sebastian.

Overall, the weekend was very successful. The participants went home with a feeling of once again having gained valuable knowledge of the Urantia teachings.

The God-conscious mortal is certain of salvation; he is unafraid of life; he is honest and consistent. He knows how bravely to endure unavoidable suffering; he is uncomplaining when faced by inescapable hardship.

The true believer does not grow weary in well-doing just because he is thwarted. Difficulty whets the ardor of the truth lover, while obstacles only challenge the exertions of the undaunted kingdom builder. [Paper 156:5.20, 21, page 1740.7,8]